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Saturday, January 1, 2005

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It's the first day of 2005!YAY!How was everyones New Years eve?Mine was exausting.It was REALLY foggy here.You could barely see the neighbors houses.All I did was some poppers and silly string and that was it.That somehow got tireing.I only did it with my bro,sis and Parents.All my neighbors were asleep!o0
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I'm exausted...

In other news:

Sorry for updateing kinda late I went to sleep at 3am.XD Well,my new computer is almost hooked up.And uhh...I changed the music,something a little more peaceful.I'm learning to play some of these songs on my ocarina.
Let's see,what else is there to talk about.My brothers B-day is next month.This is going to be a short post.I working on a few drawing,Working on my pokemon fanfic.And working on ToS.Nothin' special.Anywho,Here's the quetion of the day:

What's everyones favorite

I like Foxes,Wolves,and horses!^^
Well see you all later!

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I like Foxes!^^

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