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Monday, December 27, 2004

   My apologies!^^'
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I"M SORRY!I said I was going to be on yesterday,but I wasn't!SORRY!

In other news:

I know Christmas is over,but here are some X-mas cards some of my good friends made me!^^
From Shizuka:

From yami seto:

Well,I'm haveing problems with FFCC music,so I'm going back to my good ol' Symphonia layout!!!^^
I got a bunch of stuff for X-mas!
1.My own computer!
2.Pokemon DVDS
3.An Ocarina!^^
4."THe incredibles" the video game.
5.A digital camera the size of a keychain.
6.blank CDs to download music on.
7.a portable CD player
And lots and lots of CANDY!!!!^^
Anywho,This is all I can post for now.BYE ALL!^^

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*sigh* ya gotta love X-mas!

EDIT:OMG OMGOMG!I got the music working!Yay!i also drew yuyufreak a picture for x-mas.You can go check it out in my fanart section!She loved it.I have a felling you will too!lol!I'll take some requests.But,if you want me to animate yourself with a anime/videogame character,You have to give me your describtion (hair color,hair style,eye color,etc.),And it has to be a anime/video game character that I can draw.And tell me if you want it in color os not!Just PM me!^^ Oh,and since I can get music working,I'm going to have my FFCC layout on the 31st!

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