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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

   Let it snow!
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I heard it might snow in Texas On X-mas eve!Isn't that cool!I can't wait!^^

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*sighs*It's been so long since we have had snow here. :)

In other news:

The Pink Poofs haved POOFED!(dissapered.To see what pink poofs are,check the post before this one!^^)My brother ate most of them.I can't make more 'cause we are out of cake mix. -__-
Anyway,I'm almost up to 600 visits!I have 580 right now.My ranking is #804 and I have 81 g/b signings.Anywho.......Oh!About my Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles layout.I need help on music.I found some but how do I get it on?Ok,I downloaded a song,right?Well,Where do I find the URL?The site?I know i asked this before,but it didn't work.Thanks to anyone who answered to this Question.I got to go to sleep now!Later!*hugs*

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My stupid brother ate all the Pink Poofs...

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