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Sunday, December 19, 2004

*yawns* Hello everyone.I'm going to be very busy today.I gotta bake cookies ALL day long then go X-mas shopping.Even though I already know what I'm getting yuyufreak!=^^= Oh!I also drew a picture for yuyufreak!I drew her with Hiei!She's going to love it!I wish i could submit it,but I don't want her to know 'til Christmas.
I know what I'm getting evryone else too!
Wow!I can't wait 'til Christmas!I'm so excided!Anyway,I got to go bake some cookies!Meri Kurisumasu!

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BTW,You don't have to worry about yuyufreak reading my last post,She NEVER checks my site!^^

EDIT:Awww man!My mom said I can't get The plush and keychain for yuyufreak!She said "it won't get here in time" It ships the next day!It WILL get here in time!They don't understand!I have to wait and give to here on our B-day.And thats not until May 10th! So all I'm getting her is a picture I drew.Anyway,I got to go,bye.

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