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Sunday, December 5, 2004

What the heck?
My internet started working all of a sudden.~???~ Oh well,I'l tell you guys about my trip.Ok,So first we packed up(duh),Then,It was an 8-hour drive to New Orleans.WE left at about 3pm and got there at about 11pm.We stayed at a La Quinta hotel.Floor 11.(I'm scared of heights!>.<)Anyway,The first day,We checked out the Mississippi river(sp?)and saw cruise ships,the second day,We went to there mall!(so cool!)They have a 3-story mall!We didn't get to checkout much of the Mall that day though,my mom spent 3 hours in ONE store. -_-There wasn't a sign of ANY anime life ANYWHERE!!Well,The third day,we went out to eat,went to the mall again.My dad bought us some video games!!!YAY!My brother got Dragonball Z Super Sonic Warriors(addictive),yuyufreak got yu yu hakusho tourament tactics (also very addictive) and I gat Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals!HOORAY!!And we went out to eat .The 4th day We went to the aquarium,The was REALLY COOL!There were sea otters,sharks,sting rays,penquins,and a whole bunch of other fish!Also went out to eat-.- .The 5th day we went out to eat and rested.And the last day...we went out to eat (AGAIN!),packed up,and left.

Thats how the road trip went!We also might go to Colorado for X-mas (2-3 day drive)again like we did last year.My mom has a friend up there.Well,got to go!CYA ALL LATER!*hugs*

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I hope everyone had a good week while I was gone!^^

I almost forgot!

Happy Birthday Shizuka!

Sorry the card is lame. :'(
I've been busy.

Thanks to Azn Grl for the banner!^^

Thanks to JWheeler614 for this banner!^^

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