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Friday, November 26, 2004

   How thanksgiving went!
Thanksgiving was great yesterday!We went to some aquarium resturaunt!It was an amusement park,aquarium,and an all you can eat resturant all in 1!!How cool is that!^__^
There were sharks,swordfish,stingrays,
baracuda,(I know i spelled that wrong)seahorses,and a whole bunch of other fish!It's a really FANCY 3-story resturant.I didn't eat turkey though,by the time I noticed it.It was ALL gone!Oh,well. ~_~
I ate waffles and cookies!XD
The resturant even had a gift shop!^________^I got a seahorse doll,a dolphin necklace and a chinese fan with a dolphin design.the place also had a Merry-go-round,miniature train,a ferris wheel,and a whole bunch of other

After that we all went to my aunt's house and the parents watch TV and talked and talked and talked for hours!Me and my sister (yuyufreak) played with their new puppy!It was SOOOO cool!
After that we went how and fell asleep.

So how did everyone elses thanksgiving go!?!^_____^

Oh,and I won't be able to subbmit any drawings,My scanner's not working. :(

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