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Monday, November 22, 2004

   I hate Rain
We've been having rain here ALL week!!It's all muddy,wet and gloomy outside.My brother has this friend who can't go outside when its wet,but can go outside in a tornado watch!!!THAT"S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!Anyway,Yesterday I subbitted 1 wallpaper,fanart,and greeting if you want to go check those out^^.Well,my day's been goin' good but,I wish I had more to talk about.I'm not really looking forward to that roadtrip.If this weather keeps up,there won't be a road trip!Thanksgivings coming up.

Oh!I remember once I was takeing a shower and right when I steped out of the shower,I stepped on a wasp!A WASP!IN THE BATHROOM!What a wierd life I live in.Well,I gotta go.CYA ALL LATER!!*hugs*

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