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Thursday, November 18, 2004

   Hello everyone!
Hi everyone,how's it goin'?I don't have much to talk about now but:
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Happy Birthday to master marik!^^
(this was the best pic I could find)

Oh!I have this casette that I recorded all my faveorite anime/vigeo game music.Well,I playing it one night when it messed and got tangeled inside the casette player.Me and my brother tried to untangle it but it didn't work.So we got so scissors and cut out all of the casette ribbon stuff!XD
After we cut it all out,I threw away the ribbon that wasn't in the casette anymore and taped together the peices that were in the casette.AND IT STILL WORKS!!!
Isn't that hard to believe?It'skips about 5 mins.worth of songs,but at least it still works!^^Anyway,I got to go,CYA ALL LATER!!!*hugs*

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I can't beleive it still works! :P

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