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Monday, November 1, 2004

I made a list of the birthstones and Summon Spirits.I changed it a little though,there weren't enough summon spirits.So here's the list:

January: Garnet = Efreet
Febuary: Amethyst = Shadow
March: Aqumarine = Undine
April: Diamond = Origin
May: Emerald = Volt
June: Pearl = Aska
July: Ruby = Gnome
August: Peridot = Corrine
September: Sapphire = Celsius
November: Topaz = Luna
December: Turquiose = Maxwell

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Me and my sis are Volt,of all summon spirits!I had to get Volt!
Oh well,That's just how things work.My mom got Celsius,My dad got Undine and my brother got Shadow.What did you guys get?

I'm going bowling and going to go see the movie "Shark Tale".It's going to be fun!^^
Anyway,see ya all later!

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