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Saturday, October 23, 2004

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Bowling yesterday was fun!I lost the first game and won the second.The first game I put my name in as "Presea".I would have put in Sheena,but the "h" button on the machine didn't work.The second game I wanted to put myself in as Genis,but the "g" button on the machine didn't work! So I had to call myself Raine!Of all people!>:( My sister put her self in as Kagome the fist game and Colette the second.My sister's friends put themselves in as "inu" and "moon" both games.And my brother put himself in as Kratos.We stunk at first put then we got used to it.The downside was we had to sit next to smokers the whole time!I could barely breath!
Well that's how friday went so far today's been going good I saw only 1 episode of yugioh but BOTH episodes of pokemon!YAY!I heard Rurouni Kenshin is supposed to be comin' back on the air today!Hurray!!I'm so happy!My mom's glad I'm not bored for once.This is probably the longest post I've done.Anywho,cya all later and I hope you all have a great day!*HUGS* :)

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