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Friday, October 15, 2004

Hello again.man,I can't feel my fingers or toes!They're like little icicles!!If it's THIS cold at Halloween,I don't wanna know how cold it is at X-mas!!!I hope all of ya'll are having better weather than I am!:)

Does anyone know why the little red x's popping up where my pics are supposed to be!?!I'M SICK OF 'EM!!!!!!!my site would be better if it had pics :(

I'm up to chapter 5 on that pokemon story I told you all about.I would be up to at least chapter 8,but i've been busy.(just to let ya know!)

I'm almost done with the kratos drawing.Well,i'ts more of a sketch.Anywho,I'm freezing my little toes off so I'm gonna go and make some hot chocolate at 1 in the morning!Cya all later!

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