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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Anime survey of DOOM!

Created by Trigunslinger and taken 105 times on bzoink!

Anime Favorites
Boy characterI said Bakura
Girl characterSheena (ToS)
AttackIndignation Judgement!!!(ToS)
Songpokemon advanced challenge opening theme
WeaponA Kendama (ToS)
Anime dislikes
Least favorite animeDon't have one.
Boy characterTristan....bleh......
Girl characterDIE TEA!!!!
Attackthey're all cool
Random anime goodness
Character you feel sympathy forBakura
Character that acts like youSheena(ToS)
Character that looks like youSheena
Character you find attractiveKurama AND Bakura
Character you could be friends withMay from pokemon
Character that would make a good brotheralready have one
How about sister?I already have a sister too
Character you wish you could killTEA!!!!DIE!!!She blabbers alot about NOTHING!!!
Weapon or skill you wish you could haveThe Demonic Powers of a fox demon
Character that reminds you of someoneGenis ^^ (ToS)
Who do they remind you of?Bakura!^________^
If you could be in any anime which one would you choose?Pokemon!
Which anime character would you want to look like?My own

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