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Sunday, September 12, 2004

   What I find funny
Hi again! I was playing SSBM(super smash brothers melee)2 try and pass the time.when I was watching the credits,I saw that a female played the voice of young link.I found that kind of funny.There was another 1!A guy named "Yusuke Nakano"did the characther illiustration for "the legend of Zelda:ocarina of time"What a coincidence!That might not be very interesting 4 some of you people out there.I always seem to notice the little things that other people don't.Like the voice actor of'Brock' from Pokemon also plays "seto kaiba"from yugioh.'And "Bakura"^^ also plays 'tracey'(pokemon).Mai from yugioh also plays "officer Jenny"and"nurse Joy"(pokemon).I know a whole bunch more but I'm getting tired again *yawns*.Anyway,Cya!

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