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Friday, September 24, 2004

   100 hits !

Yay I got 100 hits on my site! YAY!! *jumps up and down*

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   Pokemon! YAY!

I wuv poke--Wait,Level 1!?

OMG! I'm a TV dub fan! Yay! (Otaku Level: 1)
Otaku Level 1

What Stage of Anime Fandom That I Went Through Are You At?
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Sorry I have not posted in a few days!My computers been messed up,but now the computers fixed!Whaile the computers been messed up,I drew some fanart too!G2G! Cya! :)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


How do I get it 2 where There is no inner background color!I only want 2 C the background fully!!!!!!!!Help me!!!!!!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

   Kurama!! yay!

Blind date with a hot anime guy ^.^ by Originality
Lucky Number
Favorite color
Date ===
Where the date isGo Karts
First thing date says to you"Sorry I'm late"
Last thing date says to you"ACK!! SQUIRREL!!"
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Does any1 know how to get a wallpaper on their site?I tried,but,it didn't work.add a comment or PM me if u know how!Thanx! C U all later!!^-^

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

   What I find funny

Hi again! I was playing SSBM(super smash brothers melee)2 try and pass the time.when I was watching the credits,I saw that a female played the voice of young link.I found that kind of funny.There was another 1!A guy named "Yusuke Nakano"did the characther illiustration for "the legend of Zelda:ocarina of time"What a coincidence!That might not be very interesting 4 some of you people out there.I always seem to notice the little things that other people don't.Like the voice actor of'Brock' from Pokemon also plays "seto kaiba"from yugioh.'And "Bakura"^^ also plays 'tracey'(pokemon).Mai from yugioh also plays "officer Jenny"and"nurse Joy"(pokemon).I know a whole bunch more but I'm getting tired again *yawns*.Anyway,Cya!

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   ..................Bored .................

Hello all.All is boring.......absolutely NOTHING has happened to day.
Well,I made a wallpaper and some greetings so U might be seeing the soon.my bro&sis have friends have friends over so i'm stuck on the computer.I can't invite any of MY friends over because they are ALL busy.C U all later.*yawn*I'll post if anything "interesting"happens. *falls asleep* ZzZzZ...

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Sept. 11

As we all know,2day is the 3rd anniversery (i dont know if thats spelled correctly)of the horrifiying tragedy of the Twin Towers in NY.So let us all take a moment of silence to remember all the people that died and the firemen and policemen that gave up their lives 2 try and save them........................... THank U all 4 your time to join me in this saddening moment. C U all later.

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   I missed YGO!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello again!Hey!Did N E 1 see the new YGO episode today 'cause I didn't!!!I had to do chores!!!!ON A SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!Makes me so mad!!PLZ tell me what happend!I didn't even get 2 C the opening theme!anyway,Cya all Later!!!!

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