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Sunday, October 17, 2004

   Nothin' new...

*sigh*Today is a boring average day.Nothing special has happened.I'm just doin' side quests on ToS.Well,thats all for now.I might draw somethin'but it might not be ToS related,or it might be,I dunno.I'll post if anything "interesting" happens.Cya later!^^

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

   Goin' Great!

Hello all!My day's goin' great! weather's perfect and I finally finished remodeling my room!1/4 of It's covered in anime drawings and posters n' such.The ics I post may have a white background,but al least I can post'em!Anywho,cya later and Have a nice day^_~
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Now I can post pics!thanks to shizuka!:)

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   Thank U!

Thanks shizuka!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Friday, October 15, 2004

   sooooooooooo bored...............-_-ZzZzZz...

Amazing how fast a good day turns into a boring one.I've been on the internet for about 3 hours,There's nothing else to do!!!!!I've beaten every video game I own! Isn't there anything to do in this world!!!!!My siblingd have friends over and,once again,I'm stuck on the computer.I have no drawings,no greetings,and no wallpapers to submit.Everyone says I get bored too easily.Anywho,G2G bye!

P.S.How come no 1 leaves comments anymore?

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   My stats

Total visits:173
Popularity ranking: #1781

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   All is well!

It's 4:30 pm and all is well!I got a new avatar,I posted a Kratos drawing,got a DVD player in my room and covered about 1/4 of my room in anime pics and posters!This day couldn't get any better! :D I have 2 other Genis avaters,they're both chibi~ish.I might get a halloween avatar soon.Anywho,Cya all later!*hugs*^^

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Hello again.man,I can't feel my fingers or toes!They're like little icicles!!If it's THIS cold at Halloween,I don't wanna know how cold it is at X-mas!!!I hope all of ya'll are having better weather than I am!:)

Does anyone know why the little red x's popping up where my pics are supposed to be!?!I'M SICK OF 'EM!!!!!!!my site would be better if it had pics :(

I'm up to chapter 5 on that pokemon story I told you all about.I would be up to at least chapter 8,but i've been busy.(just to let ya know!)

I'm almost done with the kratos drawing.Well,i'ts more of a sketch.Anywho,I'm freezing my little toes off so I'm gonna go and make some hot chocolate at 1 in the morning!Cya all later!

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

   Here the pics!(if it works)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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   I'm Back!!

Hello every1!Sorry I haven't posted in a while,I'm remoldeling my room.I dunno why,but I'm getting a sewing machine to make a Sheena costume for Halloween.I'm taking a break right now.I'm VERY tired.-__-Anywho,the weather's great where I am right now.It's bright and sunny but the wind is very chilly.I'm working on a Kratos pic too.It's gonna be a whole lot better than my last sketch.Well I think it's better anyway.I might post some pics of stuff just for the heck of it!(even though they might be little red "X"'s like last time)Hm...I've only got 162 visits,but it matters not!At least I'm getting visits! XD
Anyway,I'm running out of things to talk about so Cya all later!

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Saturday, October 9, 2004


Hi every1!It's been a while since I've posted,but nothing good has happened lately.The only good thing is that I'm getting a new copy of a video game thats been lost forever!Anyways,Cya later!

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