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Friday, November 17, 2006


So ive
been still feeling pretty empty
although today was good
i made a new friend in school. she's new and she's from san bernadino and i introduced her to all my friends.
its kewl because she's straight. [most "punk" girls are bi at my school] and i'm tired of making friends who just fall for my other friends anyway. because then i feel used or just ignored.

i kinda hate how its "cool" to be bisexual.
i used to be bi-curious. but i frenched a girl one time and i just didn't feel anything.
so now i know that i like penis men.

ugh. on that subject, i need someone knew.
because i will love ALEX forever.
so waiting for this pain to go away won't work.

but meeting someone new to love will make me move on.

plus i've done nothing and no one in a long long time. haha. i need some love.

but i cant stop thinking of how it used to be.
the past sucks. but i live with only the hope that the future will be better.

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