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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

so whats up everyone. i have been visiting updated sites so i should be commenting here and there.

i feel totally. horrible. in a nutshell.
or just empty.
like somethings missing. like i wake up in the morning and work hard to get through the day just so i can go home and go back to sleep. and that's bad.
i guess emotionally i still need him. go figure.

and i'm starting to hate any affiliation with drugs because drugs is what ruined us.
because he'd rather be with a girl who can get him all the free cocaine he wants.

i hope he gets a disease from the dirty cunt.

but anyway. i'm pretty bored. being grounded sucks.

grounded and single.

but my quarter grades came. all A's except for honors world geography, a B, which counts as in A because in california our harder classes are "weighted" making them worth more than a regular class. w/e.

anyway, take care.

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