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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

what is my purpose...
in this life i find no more pleasure in?
i have no ambition, save love,
a love who cast me aside-
and looked me in the eyes-
and didn't even say goodbye.

i awaken in the mornings
in hopes to make it through the day
to return to my bed,
my final resting place.

what is he pondering now-
while i dwell on thoughts of him?
surely every kiss couldn't have meant nothing...
what happened?

claims he doesn't deserve happiness-
[he inhales another line]
while he holds her bony ugly hand
does he ever think of mine?

and it's over and over-
spinning in my head...
what did i do to make it end?

but i hope he's glad to know,
i'll never go near his stuff again
no drugs for me, i'm done, he made it end.

because if you can leave the girl
you said you'd never leave
and you can fuck the girl
you said was just a friend
i don't want it then.
i don't want this
make it end.

and if doing another line
kills the pain better than i can...

i know now that i don't ever want to be numb

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