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Monday, May 21, 2007

:so, it's been a while:
i'm sorry, that i haven't been on in a while. i forgot my password, and such, and the Otaku took forever to send it to me.

so, everyone, how are you?

school is out in like, a month.
i'm happy.
and i get my permit next month.

so i thought i was over my ex, until he went over to my mom's house with my brother and was talking to her about me.

why does this happen to me?


seven months
and i've seen you once
but still you're in my head

twisting my thoughts
tying in knots
my only safe haven

lying in bed
remembering what you said
hating me for myself

i look at you
you have destroyed yourself
and i still love all that you are

you'll wait for her
like you waited for me
but eventually, you'll see the truth.

she is poison to you.

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