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Thursday, June 1, 2006

:hello there [the angel from my nightmare]:
so my last post was kind of short and irrelevent. *sigh* oh well.
i'm looking forward to the end of the year. tomorrow i get my dress fitted for promotion, and then friday i have to finish shopping for yosemite. next week we leave for yosemite with the school.we leave monday at like 6:30 am [ouch]. were staying for a whole week. we'll get back on friday at 6:15 pm. I'm looking forward to it. all my hikes are water falls.

then the week after next is the last week of school. we have awards night, promotion, and knotts berry farm. it will be pimp. i'm looking forward to the promotion dance. they always do something nice for the 8th graders. i cant wait to leave that fucking school though. WERE NOT ALOWED TO HUG. ITS CONSIDER PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION. gay huh?

my friend Trevor [ a seventh grader ] let me borrow his Mindless Self Indulgence Cd's and i'm putting them on my iPod right now. i'm debating whether i should take it to yosemite. any opinions? take care!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

i hate love stories.
somebody throw me a sexy boy i can take advantage of.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

i'm at my friend naomi's house. she's got like 2 comps in her living room and were both online.
we went to the bella terra tonight and saw X-men 3. It was sad.
it was funny cuz there was this part where rouge goes "I wan't to be able to touch people" and it was all quiet and i was like "WoW."
so after we went to like starbucks, then jamba juice. yes we got drinks from both places and drank them both.
aha that reminds me naomi's brothers friends girlfriend (aka Katie, Anthony's GF) gave me and naomi the rest of her 40 cuz she couldn't finish it. it wasn't enough to even catch a buzz tho.

so anyway we waited forever til like 11:48, way past curfew to be picked up cuz her mom wasn't home to answer the phone.

it was fun though.

ahh on my algebra class final i got a 58/68 = like 85% good for the class i better do better on the high school final tho. (ps for those of you who don't know, i'm in 8th grade and algebra 1 is a high school class so in order to pass we have to go take the test at the high school. AKA next saturday.

anyway love to you all.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

:good morning, loves:
:well, at least its currently morning for me.:
7:06 am..
4 more weeks of school.
4 more days til class algebra final.
2 weeks til algebra final at the high school.

fucking numbers.

i'm so stressed its not even funny.
i can't wait for summer. then i can sleep and not have to worry.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

   :well then:
chance of a lifetime.. daphne land=free admission!!!

[just don't ask where daphne land is]
[u'd be scared]

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   :lonliness killz:

if a stranger pulled up, i'd get into his car.
if a murderer came up, i'd beg him to carry me away.
if a rapist smiled at me, i'd go take his hand.

cuz thats how lonely it is now in daphne land.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

my in class algebra 1 final is next week.
and then the high school final is like in two weeks.
i'm scared.
wish me luck. ♥

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pleaseread. ♥

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

you know you are tired when you sleep in the daytime and actually remember your dreams.

so heres how it went.
in my dream,
i was at marina high school. like a
dreamed up version of it, so it was

and someone stole my cell phone and i saw them talking on it. and i was like "hey give me back my fucking phone" and they ran with it. and i started yelling to people "catch him, he stole my phone, thats my phone you jackass" and finally some guy caught him. and then the guy who stole the phone shot the guy who was trying to get it.

anyway then i somehow ended up god knows where. but it was a building and i followed the stairs to the top where i found alex. and he kissed me and held me and made me feel like we were the same couple we were a year ago.

i dont remember much more, but the dream brought over me a sense of melancholy. he hasn't responded to my message, but has read it, so does that mean he doesn't want to be with me? some of you said so.
I feel so.



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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

:my goodness:

So i sent this: to my boyfriend
and i need to know what you think.


i need to tell you.

i get the feeling that you don't care anymore.
about me.
or us..
[is there an us?]

i see you practically once a month.

and when do we get to really spend time together?

really, never.

I know that your busy working, getting stoned, or drunk, or whatever it is you do.

i thought i was at least a little bit important to you,
but i'm not feeling that way anymore.

i guess i'm trying to say that if you don't care anymore,
i want to know. i don't want you to feel like you have to be with me, so if you don't say so.

i guess its just my opinion that if you cared you'd try to see me more.

i dont know.

take care.

he hasn't responded yet.
do you think it was okay for me to send him that?
do you think it was too critical?
ahh. help.


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