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Friday, December 22, 2006

Whoa! It's been a long time since I've been on here!!! I had to get rid of my myspace so I came back, I'm BACK IN BLACK! [tee hee- o dang, watch me get sued] So wow. I haven't been here in a while. . . my high school life is Boring, with a capital B. No guys really to talk about, but if you guys remember Tyler- the jackass from a long time ago? I called him a fag the other day. And Matt, this guy I like who is my peer mentor, tells me that Tyler gets on his nerves too.
And then there's Robert! He's half Mexican and he's very cute. He can be so mean tho! We crack each other up... and Andy! Well, I don't like Andy like that but he's hilarious, he is in love with THE PRICE IS RIGHT- lol. Yeah, I haven't been here in forever because there's nothing to talk about. :( I'll be coming more often. How is everyone?

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