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Friday, September 29, 2006


Yeah. So about the subject thing. I was supposed to go to homecoming because the guy I like wanted me to go (sadly, he did not include the words with me) aaaaaaaand I wanted to go anyway. Instead, I am sitting at home bored because no one would give me a ride. TT_TT And the guy is in band, and they're playing Grease music, and he said there was gonna be a PINK CADILLAC on the field! And a jukebox! SO I really wanted to go. *sigh* I haven't had a good week. C: So how have you guys been here at the O?
O, ya, if you want to see my quizilla page, I'll replace my myspace link on the "My Site" thing and you can go see it. It cheers me up. Please go see it. ^.^ Au revoir, mes copains!

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Saturday, September 23, 2006


I am back to update on my boring life.

Hence, I have nothing to say, it is so boring.

Au revoir!

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

   ah, love.

I have taken up an oath of celibacy with an exception of this one junior guy. He's really sweet. Last night I went to a football game. The junior guy is the drum major in band, and they played Grease music, and he got to wear a T-Birds jacket (this one guy goes, "hey, look he's a T-bird!" and tb318 goes, "Naw, he's an A-bird."). It was soo cute cause he got to do the hand jive, so I went, "Yeeeaaa-aaah, Matt, Yeeaa-aaah!" He's just so cute. lol. Then afterwards, me, Akume, trigunbabe, and our best friend, Ellaina, went to Hacienda and waited for their "friend" Christy. Then Christy called and said Matt was coming and I got really excited. He gave me a dollar and I felt special. ^___^ He's very sweet.

Did I mention before that the Tyler/ Sumner guy is in my homeroom? He never shuts up! The other day, this girl was in a really bad mood, and he just kept talking to her and she didn't want to be talked to, so I was just like, TYLER! SHUT UP! I felt bad for the poor girl because he's always talking to me now. How bad is it that I think he likes me now????

Other than that, high school is fun, and it's definitely not as hard as I thought it would be. There's not as much slim pickings as I thought there would be. There are some girls I don't like (such as this girl that called my friend a bitch because my friend doesn't like her either and didn't want to pass a note that the girl wanted her to. Seriously.), but overall, it's fun. My sister's going to try to wheedle Matt into going to midwinter with me, so I have to be nice. Remind me of that. ^___^

So, how is everyone? Good? Bad? Comme ci, comme ca? (French for so-so)

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Saturday, August 26, 2006


I'm over at tb's house and these kids are over.
Kid #1: You're gay!
Kid #2: I'm also strong!

Kid #2: I'm so good at flying because I tried it at home.

Ok, these are the stupid things that me and my friends say (aka, the Words of Wisdom)

trigunbabe318: *looks at caller ID* It says William, BJ. . . .
her dad: It's Blow Job Billy!

Akume131: Mom, you're so corny.
her mom: *laughs* At least I'm not something that rhymes with it!

Aaron: *throws toilet paper roll* You look like shit!

me: Dad, would you be lonely if I went over to Bek-
my dad: NO.

trigunbabe318: I can see you saying, "What's a carnie? Is it some kind of bird?" *laughs*
me: *laughs half-heartedly*
tb318: *stops* Do you even know what a carnie is?
me: No.

me: Hey, Aubrey, who was the first president?
Aubrey: Wasn't is Lincoln?
me: Dad, who was the first president?
mydad: Lincolnway. ((In case you're wondering, Lincolnway is a road))

Everett: I don't get this dumb math problem.
Some girl: Stupid, you're supposed to divide it by seven.
Everett: Your mom's divided by seven.

Radio station show((Please don't be offended, it was on the radio)): I think God is black. That explains why so many things taste like chicken.

Same radio station: Do you know why they call it PMS?
Some girl: Why?
Radio station: Mad cow disease was taken.

me (at 3 years) : *to her dad* Wake up you big silly dummy!

me: Kayla H., how much do you weigh?
Kayla H.: *proudly* 100 exactly.
me: Is that before or after you stuff your bra?

tb318: *reading book title* The Long Winter . . . Ooer.

tb318: *runs to Jabari ((who is a guy))* Haley's trying to get me!!!
Jabari: Where is she? I'll throw my titti at her.

Some greeting card: I love you . . . are you still on your meds?

me: *to tb318* Okay. I had a dream that I had a dream about you and somebody and woke-up in the dream.

me (in church): Goodbye vision of Brandon Flowers -- I'm in a place of God!

me: Dang. My ankle hurts and my butt is green.

me: Jessi ((who is a girl)), who would win in a fight between Big Josh and Little Josh?
Jessi: Me.

me: This one time I was gonna go to church, but I forgot.

me: trigunbabe318, who puts carpet on their walls?
tb318: My grandma.

me: The Mafia reminds me of a muffin. Muffins are a good thing.

me: I got a secret! And no, it doesn't stink.

tb318: Did you know Moby Dick was a Sperm whale? ((true fact!))

me: Oh, goddamn! Adam Levine's arms are hairy as Terry's mother!

tb318: I only did the fundraiser 'cause I wanted the little catalog thingy.

Some kid in class: I'm smart!
Mrs. Kingsberry: Spell smart!
Kid: S-a-r-t.

me: I gotta do my al-g-bra homework. Bra . . . no wonder I'm failing.

Jack M.: *sees a pig* THERE'S ME!!!

tb318's mom: What's that smell? It smells like propane.
Brandon: I farted.

tb318 (on the phone with MCP): I hear a doggy.
me: What? I thought you said, "I hear a dummy."
tb318: I do.

VashLuver131/Akume131: Ellaina and me are trying to figure out why spiders are so hairy.
me: I don't know. Maybe because they don't shave their pubes.

Jack M.: *at random* POP SOX!
tb318: <_< >_>

Josh (aka "Big Josh"): *to tb318* I bet it's gonna be hard for you to find a boyfriend taller than you.
me: Aren't you taller than her, Josh?

tb318: In this A Man Without a Country book, there's a line that says, "With officers, he had unrestrained intercourse, as far as they and he chose." Ooer.

tb318: *to MCP* Poor us. Don't worry, I understand how you feel if Tyler S. leaves. . . . Let's become nuns. But let's get braces so we don't look like Sister Wendy. We'll be hot nuns.

tb318: I "stabbed" Terry with a pen and then he said he was gonna get lead poisoning.

Tyler S.: *in a note* I have to restart my life in a new, clean envri envrion envryn habitat.

A line from a school worksheet: Unlike Phyllis Wheatley or Douglass, Harriet had no teaching of any sort, except the whip.

Josh: *lifts up shirt to tb318 and MCP* Sneak preview. . . .
me: AHHH!!! WHITE!!!

tb318: I found a pen in the rip of my backpack.
Nick: God, you probably have something living in there.
tb318: Well, it didn't bite me when I stuck my hand in there.
Nick: It probably isn't fully grown yet.

tb318: That Tyler guys nice. What's his last name?
me: Croft.
tb318: Oh yeah. Maybe he's related to Lara Croft.
me: Do you think that's where he gets his tits?

tb318: Before lunch let's run to Mrs. Matthew's room 'cause she said she had some invitation for me.
tb318: Sweet! Josh'll be there!
me: Yeaah! And Jack M.!
tb318: Yay! Boys we know that won't cheat on us 'cause they're not hot enough!

tb318: Boys piss me off. Jennifer's buying me a rice crispy treat so I feel better. I love rice crispy treats.

me: trigunbabe318, are you being groped?
tb318: *not paying attention* Ouch. What?

tb318: My pen died! Stupid St. Joe Hospital pen. I was born at Memorial Hospital anyway!!! So HAH.

Jack H.: *about "chubby" Mrs. Heisey* I was just standing at her desk watching her play with her toys and her chin was talking to me.

me: Holy crap, Mr. B's nippies poke out bad as a mother! (("as a mother" is just our phrase referring to 'exremely' Example: I'm hungry as a mother! Or: I'm cold as a mother!))

tb318: Alonte's little braid thing looks like a turd. Not to be mean. . . .

me: *sleeping*
my dad: *comes in, BURPS REALLY LOUD*
me: *jolts awake*
my dad: Good morning!

my French teacher: Bonjour! Can you say bonjour?
me: Bonjour.
my French teacher: Again, bonjour.
me: *slightly irritated* Bonjour.
my French teacher: Once again, bonjour.

Akume131: Don't smack me, my back hurts.

Akume131: I can't run, my neck hurts.

me: Yeah, I got a locker, Mrs. Greene.
Mrs. Greene: Oh bless you.

Melissa: Can you say bonjour?

tb318: (about teacher) caring, but a little blunt. She called her youngest daughter a screw-up.

(about Saving Private Ryan)
me: Who saved Ryan's privates?
tb318: I did.

me: Tyler keeps staring at me. *evil glare* Oh, he snorted at me. Oh, dang, now he's in trouble. Maybe it's because he snorted at me.
tb318: Oink.

tb318: Buhh! Someone put a pen mark on the back of my shoulder! They were probably tempted to do it because my shirt's white! And I'm white!

Akume131: Steven is looking at me! Boo
tb318: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Zack: No one says, "It's a swell of fun!"
Pat: Rednecks do.
Matt: HEY!

me: Oops, I tried to write shuttle in cursive but I wrote shittle.

(about our made-up park called Aquafine)
Mrs E: Sooo...drink up and have fun.
Zack: Drink up and have fun? I don't get it. ((for those of you that don't know, Aquafina is a brand of water bottle))

Akume131: Calm down, Jesus!

Akume131: Slow down, Moses!

~the end~

Ok. That's it for now. I thought you guys might need a laugh.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

   *shakes head*

Akume is blowing spit balls at the computer. And one got stuck to the screen. It was funny.

So anyway, has anyone ever played Final Fantasy 6? It's been tempting me. Did you know Setzer from KH2 is in it? But he is SCARY looking. The one girl, I think her name is Celes, is really pretty. I can't find any pics. buh. I'm really bored. As usual.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006


I'm bored.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

   more about my friend's asshole ex

Eugh. He sat with me at lunch today at school with this girl he used to go out with. I don't think he saw me giving him the evil glare I am so well known for. It upset me because now he's talking bad about her behind her back, trying to get everyone on his side. She was crying about it the other day when she was talking about it. GOD! I hate him! We (Akume, trigunbabe (I think) and i) are going to disown him. Like if he comes up to talk to us we're going to ignore him. At least, I know I will. If he says something about my friend I am going to be so pissed off. I DON"T THINK I"VE EVER HATED SOMEONE THIS MUCH BEFORE!
Anyway. On a brighter note.
You guys remember Sumner that I was so infatuated with? He's in my homeroom. He's being really sweet to me for some reason. Like today at lunch before the asshole came to sit with me with this one girl, I saw Sumner talking to his friend and he asked his friend something and his friend shook his head and Sumner gets up and walks over to me and goes, "What's wrong with you?" [AWWW!] I was like, "Nothing." and he's like, "You're loooooooooooooonely." I said, "Shut up!" then he laughed and I told him my friends were coming to sit with me. At least, I thought they were. Only my friend Kelsey came to sit with me beside the one guy and the girl and one of their friends.
They had pink lemonade in the vending machines there and it was good as a mug! But trigunbabe drank the last sip of it and I was mad.
High school is actually not as scary as I thought it would be. There's a few hot guys in my World History and Civilization class, but none in my French class (lol). Sumner's in my homeroom again. I only have 2 classes with trigunbabe and I have lunch with Akume so we can devise plans together to bring the asshole to his doom. I don't even feel bad that we're going to ruin his senior year. He did this to himself. Sorry. I just can't believe someone would do that. *sigh* This is why I don't want to date! He was being so sweet and everything and then he just bam! broke up with her! I don't want that to happen to me or any of my friends because it hurt me really bad to see my friend cry over a boy that lied to her just so her could get some ass. This so pisses me off. I have to go. I love you boys at the otaku, though, because you are nice to me. We need more boys like you in the world. ^_^ I'm not sexist or anything, boys rock. Just not assholes.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006


I am sleepy as a mug! It's like 9 here in the morning and I didn't fall asleep till 5 b/c I was talking with my friends. v_v and that isn't good because all glorious school is starting soon! yay.
one of my friend's boyfriend broke up with her after like 6 months! He told her he was gonna marry her and he loved her and everything! Now he totally hates her! I was like, :O! That's so.... eugh. Assholish, if you may. What I can't wrap my head around is why someone would be so stupid to do that like that. *eye roll* great way to start the new school.

ok, so here is my mini selection of names for my Reno story (must get on a brighter subject!)

Aysel (Turkish for moonlight)
Semra (Turkish)

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

   that smiley better calm down

Hello, otakunese speaking Otakuites! Do you like my new theme? It took me a while but I figured it out once I scrolled through the layout thing that tinkerbell put in. And I made trigunbabe318 a theme too. I got excited. I'm on a Reno kick lately, hence the Reno.
Bah. I have to go to school on Tuesday! But then I don't have to go Wednesday. *laughs maniacally at the sophomores, juniors, and seniors* Ok. Sorry.
I might start a Reno story on quizilla!!! ^_____^ I have names I need to choose from...maybe I'll make a poll or something. Yeah! So you guys can help me out because I love you so!
Ok. I have to leave soon. Akume131 and her friends are coming home from a party and they will bombard us. V__V Btw, Akume, if you want me to fix your site like mine and tb's I will. ^___^ I will also gleefully do it for anyone else. Of course, I have to be grateful to tinkerbell. She is ever so nice. I am eternally grateful for her teaching me. ^___^ Thanks, tinkerbell!
Ok. Bye.

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Monday, August 7, 2006


bah! It's boring here!

Did I tell you I tried beer the other day? OMG how can people stand that stuff? It tastes like someone threw up shit! I spit half of it out but eugh it was NASTY! that's like the most interesting thing that's happened this summer. lol yes I am very boring. -____-+

no new stuff on myspace. Stupid Jack won't add me. Bastard. I didn't like him anyway. lol

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