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Friday, August 11, 2006

Posted: Thursday, August 10 at 12:41 AM
Hey everyone. Today ended up being pretty good, though I was a little tired for a good portion of it. For whatever reason, I didn't end up falling asleep until 6 AM last night. I laid in bed for hours and just wasn't falling asleep which was weird because I actually was tired. Oh well, I did end up with enough sleep in the end so all is well.

I woke up to a call from Andrew and he soon after came over. We, as you probably guessed, played video games ^_^ We went through unlocking moves for Shujinko in Mortal Kombat Deception. Running through Konquest mode looking for stuff is actually fun for some reason.

Later on, he went home and my mom, dad, grandmother, and I went out for my mom's birthday, which was today. My meal was pretty good, though not as good as I was hoping it would be. Overall, we were all a little disappointed by our meals actually but they were good enough.

After that, Andrew came back over, and Paul showed up as well. We started watching some God of War cut-scenes and then went over to Andrew's house for like ten minutes. Why ten minutes you ask (and if you didn't, you're getting an answer anyway ^^)? Because we all realized we were more tired than usual so everyone went home.

Oh, and I finished Sonic 3 and Knuckles today. All I had left was the last boss but I finally remembered how to beat him so it was pretty easy after that. I still really wish I had the actual Sonic 3 cartridge for Genesis. It's the only Sonic game I don't actually own (of the main ones anyway - there are some very obscure ones I don't own either but I don't count those).

And that's about it for tonight. Thanks for reading, sorry I didn't visit today, and have a great day!

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