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Monday, August 7, 2006

Posted: Sunday, August 6 at 1:39 AM
Hey everyone. Sorry I'm a little late again tonight. I was with Paul over at his aunt's apartment messing around with a mod for Half Life 2 and we lost track of time. It was fun though ^_^

So, today was good. I woke up and started my day as usual. I came online, checked some sites, and played a little World of Warcraft. Nothing new here. During the World of Warcraft playing though, Paul stopped by.

So, we went over to GameStop for a while because he was thinking of buying a new computer game. He didn't end up getting anything but a trip to GameStop is always fun. There's just something about the store that I like - probably the fact that everything is video game related ^_^

From there, we came back to my house and just hung out for a while. I showed him Oblivion in high-definition, which he was pretty amazed by. I wish I could show you just how good it looks but taking a screen shot from my TV may prove slightly difficult ;)

At around 7, he had to leave to go to a dinner at which he didn't eat because we went to Burger King earlier (he didn't know about this dinner until later). Apparently, it was horrifically boring which is why he left early and I ended up going over to his place (it's actually where he used to live before he moved - his aunt owns it now).

While we were there, we ended up messing around with a Half Life 2 mod for quite some time. You could do pretty much anything with this mod which included spawning objects and people and then interacting with them. We ended up setting up a bowling game where we set up a bunch of enemies on a small island, moved to the other side of the level, and used the car launcher (an gun that shot cars) to try to hit them from far away. This was much more amusing than it sounds ^^

And that's pretty much my day. So, thanks for reading and have a great day!

P.S. I'm now including the actual date that the post is intended for, just to make things less confusing. If the post is meant for the day that shows on the page, there will just be a time in the subject.

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