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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Posted: Wednesday at 1:52 AM
Hey everyone. Today was pretty much exactly the same as yesterday, which is a good thing. It started out with me waking up and just going down stairs to watch TV for a little while. My brother was already down there, my dad was at work, and my mom was at a friend's house.

Following TV came Oblivion. I finished a quest for the Fighters Guild and started a new one which turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected. For this one, I'm with the Guildmaster's only remaining son and I have to make sure he survives as we venture into an enemy infested cave. These aren't your standard enemies though - they're quite a bit stronger.

Anyway, from there, I went on to World of Warcraft for a little while. I finally finished a quest I had on there forever. It hit me today why no matter how good Oblivion is, it will never compare to World of Warcraft. It's because WoW is online and you're playing with other people in real time. For instance, the quest I was working on today, I should have easily been able to do alone. I just had to protect one woman while fending off a bunch of enemies. In the process though, I accidentally stood too close to her and they attacked her and she died. Because it's a quest, she re-spawned a little later though so no worries there. Here's where the online part comes in though - on my way to this woman's house, I saw someone who was in a little over his head. So, I stopped, healed him, took out the remaining enemies that were surrounding him, and continued on my way. Well he ended up over where I was after I failed the quest for the first time and stuck around to help me with it the second time around. That's what makes games like this so great - interaction between players and the general kindness that exists among them (this quest was class specific so he could get nothing out of helping me besides maybe a little loot). So yeah, World of Warcraft was fun today ^_^

And to finish out the day, Paul stopped by again. I forgot to mention that he's here until August 28th because his uncle got him a job in the city. Because of that, he's not around during the day but gets back around 5:30. He's a big fan of the Dead or Alive series and had to try Dead or Alive 4 while he was here. He caught on pretty quickly so that was fun. I've got a feeling that most of my days for the next month are going to end like this too which is great considering I haven't seen him in two years.

Oh, and at some point during the day, I took a random trip to Radio Shack to look for a cable which I found and bought for $0.97 ($1.04 with tax). Turns out it was discontinued, which is why I bought a second (I already had one). When I originally bought it, it was $5 but since they stopped making they've come down quite a bit.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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