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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Posted: Saturday at 1:17 AM
Hey everyone. Today ended up being pretty good. I woke up and found out that we were having my brother's family birthday party today. So, my dad and I ran to Best Buy so I could pick up a present for him. Talk about last minute... It's not my fault no one told me it was today though. Either way, I picked up a gift and he had it on time so nothing went wrong.

That was pretty much all I did today. My dad and I had a pretty interesting conversation about current situations going on within his company. I must say, none of what he told me makes any sense, to either of us. It seems like one person is just being stupid and causing problems that don't need to exist. Sorry, I'm just sort of rambling now. This entire paragraph is probably really confusing because I can't really go into detail at the moment.

Well, that's really about all I can think of for tonight. Thanks for reading, and for the comments on the new layout. Have a great day!

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