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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Posted: Tuesday at 12:16 AM
Hey everyone. It looks like this will be a post for yesterday again. Remember, once I'm home, all of my posts will be for the day before they are shown unless otherwise stated. Though on that note, I'm going to start a new system. My subject will now contain what day the post is for from now on. For instance, today's post is labeled as Tuesday, even though it will show up as Wednesday.

Anyway, today went well. I got the package containing my laptop charger (among other things) today. For whatever reason, my charger wasn't in the case when I left so my dad overnighted it to me (through the company ^_^). It's great having it back though because now I can at least post form the room.

Other than that, the classes are actually pretty fun. In Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD), we worked on some tutorials which included Pong for the first half. From there, in the Drama class, we read through our scripts for the first time. And in the second half of the IMGD class (there's two sessions of that per day), we actually played an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). The concept of an ARG is very difficult to explain in words so if you're at all interested in finding out it what it is, here - it's a link to the game we played today. Be warned though, this is not an ordinary game - there are no rules, no defined way to play. You must figure it out as you progress.

Unfortunately, and I'm sorry to say this, it would appear visiting sites is almost out of the question while I'm here. If I have any free time, I'll try to get to myO but the days are pretty well packed. The only time I have is before any posts are made for the day so that makes it sort of difficult.

So that's about it for tonight I guess. As always, thanks for continuing to visit and have a great day!

P.S. To attempt to make up for my absence on your sites, I will post a link to my finished game, which will be in a series of games (a pseudo-ARG but easier) when it is complete, if anyone is interested of course.

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