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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Time of post: 11:43 AM
Hey everyone. I'm so sorry for my complete inactivity on this site. I don't really have much an excuse for not posting often. I guess it's just the combination of school and the rehearsal for the play that's keeping me away from here. I will try to post and visit more though because I do miss all of you.

So much has happened since my last post that I have quite a bit to say. I'll just go with the highlights though.

First, rehearsal has really been going good. The play is starting to come together since we've taken a new route to laying it out. I also started taking the head shots for the program on Friday. I hope that we'll have some real light in the auditorium soon so I can take rehearsal shots too.

Next, Budokai Tenkaichi. I got the game the day it came out as a birthday present and I must say, it is amazing. I loved Budokai 3 and I thought Tenkaichi would be good but I didn't think it would be this good.

And while we're on the subject of video games, I'm very happy to say that I got a job at GameStop ^__^ I've wanted to work there since the one in my town (or really, just outside my town) opened. It starts as a temporary holiday position but the manager said he would be looking to keep someone on after the holiday season. I am hoping to stay but we'll see how it goes.

And finally, while we're on the subject of GameStop, something amazing happened there yesterday. Jesse and I were bored so we figured we go to GameStop. We were looking around and found a bunch of old, not-so-great games we wanted to trade in. My brother gave us some of his bad games as well. We expected to make $50 at most from all of that. Our actual total? $127.70! We couldn't believe it. I had a coupon for buy two used games get one free which we were going to use. That ended up turning into a buy four used games get two free coupon ^_^ After a slight mishap of buying a duplicate game (I thought I was looking for part 3 but it turned out I needed part 2 of the .hack games), we sorted everything out and both went home with some good stuff. Here's a run-down of the greatness:
  1. We made $127.70 off of mostly bad games (in store credit - which is a good thing as you'll soon see). That would have been less but because of a discount card I have there, we got 10% on each item we traded in ^_^
  2. We now had enough to buy four games instead of our intended two.
  3. Because we were paying in store credit, the entire purchase was completely tax free.
  4. With that same discount card I mentioned before, we also got 10% off of the entire purchase.
  5. Finally, as I picked up one of the games I was getting, one of the employees we know pretty well there went into the back room and handed both of use Ninja Gaiden Black (the game I was getting) shirts, for free. The thing that made this so great was that we didn't reserve the game, or even buy it new. We bought it used. We think the shirts were given to the employees but I guess since he knows us, he gave us a couple of the extras. So, that worked out great.
As you can see, it was an amazing day at GameStop for everyone, except the person running the register. The trade-in and purchase were originally supposed to be one big transaction. Unfortunately, they can only put 30 items on one transaction and with our second free game (thanks to the coupon), it brought the total up to 31. Hehe, so he had to split it into two separate transactions. It was interesting though.

Anyway, I should get going because we're leaving to get some pumpkins from a pumpkin patch (a yearly tradition) soon.

This got a bit longer than I expected. Sorry about that. Thanks for reading and have a great day! I'll try to get around to some sites when I get back.

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