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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Time of post: 12:05 AM
Hey everyone. I had a great birthday and most of that was due to you, my friends on myOtaku. It's days like today that remind me why I love this site so much. When people you only know online, and even some friends of friends, stop by to say happy birthday, it just makes me feel really happy. That's the feeling I carried with me today so thank you all ^__^ (Yes, a little bit on the sappy side but who cares, it's the truth.)

As for the actual day, it went pretty well. I didn't have too much homework and the classes themselves were easy enough today. Lucky, I understand what we're doing in Pre-Calculus so even that was easy today (we're graphing sin and cos curves if any of you are interested).

Rehearsal has been going just as well. After a slight mishap yesterday, we re-blocked the opening scene and it looks so much better. If any of you happen to be in my area, I encourage you to come see it. The play is A Christmas Carol and it will be preformed November 19 and 20. Hehe, of course, I don't actually expect any of you to fly out to New Jersey for this but it would be pretty cool to meet someone there if they lived close enough.

Here are some birthday cards I was sent today:

*hugs* Thanks Alexa! I knew you'd eventually find a way to get me to put up some yaoi ;)

Thank you so much indifference! I really appreciate it ^_^

Remember when I mentioned one of those people who I didn't know who stopped by anyway. Well here is one of them. SunfallE, thank you so much!

I wasn't sure if you wanted me using your real names or not so I stuck to myOtaku names (with the exception of Alexa as she put it on the card, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't mind). Anyway, that's about all for me today. Thank you all so much! Have a great day!

Edit: Sometime around 9:00 AM (forgot to add the time earlier)
Here's one more card ^_^

Thanks shizuka, I love it!

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