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Friday, August 19, 2005

Time of post: 2:10 AM
Hey everyone. Today was a lot of fun. Jesse slept here last night so we played Final Fantasy again for a while. I actually made a lot of progress.

Seeing as it was Thursday, it was time for General Tso's ^_^ We left for the restaurant at around 1:30. It was great as usual.

From there, we headed over to GameStop for a little while. This turned out to be an adventure though. I picked up Final Fantasy VIII and Perfect Dark (N64, and only $6 - I've wanted it forever) while I was there.

Here's where it gets interesting though. As we pulled in (we were riding bikes), we saw this kid eying Jesse's bike. It really looked like he was getting ready to steal it. So, Jesse whispers to me to make sure I lock up the bikes (like I usually do) because of that kid.

As we're leaving GameStop, that kid sees us and tells us that Jesse's bike looks a lot like the bike he had that got stolen a few years ago. He told us that his mom was on the way with the serial number (it's a Haro bike, each one has a serial number because they're pretty expensive) and asked us to hang around.

Knowing the bike wasn't stolen, we figured why not just hang out until his mom got here. So, we went back into GameStop until the police showed up. They asked me to unlock the bikes, checked the serial number, found out it wasn't stolen, and we left. It was quite the trip to GameStop.

Anyway, we ended up at his house and played Snowboard Kids for Nintendo 64. That's a really fun game ^_^ We also played some pool, as usual.

So, we finally went back to my house for dinner when Sara (once again, not the one on my friends list) calls and asks if we want to go hang out with her and her friend Liz. She came and picked us up and the plan was to go mini golfing. We drove way past the golf course though, missed like five U-turns (because she wouldn't listen to us when we told her where one was ^_^), and ended up at a diner where we got some appetizers.

We ended up going bowling which was pretty fun. We all did really bad seeing as we haven't bowled in forever. It was fun though.

Finally, we went to Sara's house to play DDR for a little while. We also played ping-pong while waiting for her parents to finish their movie. After that, Sara drove us home.

Wow, sorry this got as long as it did. That's it though. So, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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