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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Time of post: 12:04 AM
Hey everyone. Today was fun. We went to New York again (this was the second time in this program) to visit the Intrepid museum. It was pretty awesome standing on a boat that huge (it is an aircraft carrier after all ^_^).

Oh, and I got screen shots of the 3D designs I made. I finally finished the cannon so you'll see two completed designs.

Rook (Click to enlarge)

Cannon (Click to enlarge)

So, those are them. The rook took my partner and me about an hour and a half (which included completing the tutorial and learning the software). The cannon took a lot longer. I'm not sure how long exactly but it was a few hours spread over a couple of days.

Oh, and sorry for not posting yesterday. That's really about it for me tonight. Have a great day!

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