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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

   News about the cat

First i have to correct a missunderstanding. The cat is not mine...she stoud suddenly one day in my living room ^^ And since this day she visited us regulary.
Yesterday she came again after 3 days of absence. And today i realized that she has two tatoos, one in each ear. Our neighbour who placed an advertisment the day before in the newpaper "Founding cat" called the vet to ask for more information about the cat.
Now i know she is called "Umay" and has an owner not far away from here. But it seems that she likes to be here in the backyard of our housing estate and there special in our flat ^^

Itīs good to know that she has a home. I was really worried about flying away without knowing if she has a warm place to live...

But now everything is ok


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

   Lucky day...

Today i woke up early in the morning so i decided to stand up with my boyfriend to have breakfast together (around 7 a.m.). After a short time i heard suddenly a loud meow from outside...my Maunz was back again. I hadnīt seen her for 4 days. Luck number 1.

Midday i wanted to drive to my grandparents to visit them a last time before my vacations. I carried my bags outside...slammed the door...and realized that i had forgotten my keys...i was locked out. So i went upstairs to my neighbours (Donīt really know them) to ask for a telephone (of course my handy was in our flat too). I called my grandparents to bring me the spare key and during this time i talked with our neighbours. And they are really nice ^^. Luck number 2.

After my grandparents left again i went shopping. I bought a present for my grandmother and searched for a new shirt for my dad. Sometime i looked down to the floor...and what did i see...10 € (around 14 $) lying there... Luck number 3.

At the end i found a goodlooking shirt for my dad for 25 € (around 36 $). I bought it and at the cashpoint they told me that it was reduced to 10 €. Luck number 4.

Hope the day goes on like that ^^ That would be awesome


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

   F.... internet

Iīm so sorry guys. I wanted to update to all of you but i only made 3 or 4 and now (only god knows the cause) i canīt open the comments.

Iīm really sorry!!!!
I promise to catch up soon!!!

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   A lot of things to say...

Itīs done. Last friday i finished my advanced training in lymphdrainage. It was not as difficult as i thought before. Sadyl it was the last day i see most of the people of my old class. 12 of 31 made the training with me. Now our class is scattered all over germany again (a few also in austria and italy). Canīt await to see them next year (class reunion ^^).

This week was pretty stressful. Moday I had to go to the orthodontist because i still have one wire behind my teeth. He told me that i have to wear it through my whole life time if i donīt want to dislocate them again...argh...
Yesterday i was at the hairdresser and shortened my hair till schoulder-length (i never had it that short till 10 years ago). It looks very different to me but good. I also get some wisps in dark blond. After that the mother of my friend invited me to dinner (She was at the hairdresser too). And afternoons my mother visited me.
Today i had to sign my labour contract, going to sports and do the chores.
The rest of the week is also completely full of dates... Tell you in the next post about it ^^

And now the most important thing ... i have a cat ... or the cat has me ... i donīt know. Last sunday she stands suddenly in our living room (we had opened the terrace door to air). My friend called abruptly: "Cat, cat, thereīs a cat". I hadnīt noticed hear because i worked something in the kitchen. Sheīs such a beauty, playful and cuddly. We always throw her out of our flat when we go away but sheīs still there when we came back. At the evening she lies sleeping between me and my friend. On monday and yesterday it was the same. Today too. I think she owns to someone because she never seems hungry or thirsty but iīm not sure. Anyway i care for her as long as she sits in front of our terrace door...I made a picture of her in our living room

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We call her "Maunz". Thatīs not a real name i know but it fits perfectly to her if you could hear the cat ^^

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Monday, November 26, 2007

   Nearly done...

Today i had the last written test of my advanced training. It was not so difficult but also not so easy. Iīm sure that i make it. At friday i have to pass a oral and a practical examination. Then itīs finally over.

After our last test on friday the whole class wants to go to the christmas market. Drinking some mulled wine and eating sausage buns. Itīs the first time this year because the market starts on thursday ^^

On friday evening i have to tinker 5 advent wreaths. One for my mother, one for the mother of my friend, one for my grandmother, one for me and one for the old lady i told you in my last post. Iīm sure that i need looooonnnngggg time for it. But itīs so much fun ^^ although i have little red spots all over my arms because iīm a little bit allergic against fir needles. Itīs not so bad. You can see it only for a few hours.

The whole december is my free time. The first two weeks in only enjoy it. Means making sport, playing guild wars, visiting my parents and friends etc. And the last two weeks i go on vacations to the Dominican Republic. I canīt await it *big smile*

@ xArucardx: Iīm sure weīll have a good time and a lot of fun together in Guild Wars ^^ What part of Guild Wars do you have (Factions, etc)?
@ xPUNKxZEROx: Nice to see you here again ^^

Thatīs all for today. Nothing more intersting to say. Have a nice week --{--{--@

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today was pretty stressful.

In the morning i had to work by an old lady (over 80). She is really nice. Her daughter in contrary is very nasty. She donīt want me to come to her mother to medicate (as physiotherapist) her because she thinks that her mother is too old as it could help and of course iīm too expenisive... She does a lot of things which make the daily life of my old lady simply bad. For example my old lady has to life on the first floor (her daughter on the ground floor)although she canīt climb stairs after 12! operations at the hip... And so it goes on and on. My old lady is always glad to see me because i bring changes in her boring life. I wish i could speak my mind to her...

Noontime my friend and i were invited to dinner because his grandmother celebrated her birthday. I ate till i thought my belly would burst. Iīm still brimful after 10 hours...

After that we visited my parents. Nothing special happend there.

At the evening i went to the fintess studio again. First a little bit cycling than swimming and at the end sauna again. Itīs so exquisite... Now iīm totally relaxed again.

Wish you all a nice weekend!!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

   Dozy evening

Today i had my first intermediate examination in Lymphdrainage. It was good. The only parted the group in E (Ergebnis = Normal result), GE (Good result) and AE (excellent result). I got an AE but it was pretty narrow.

Tomorrow we have a free friday. Iīll really enjoy this day. Only lazing around, playing Guild Wars and perhaps one or two hours of sport. The fitness studio of mine has a new swimming lane. Itīs awesome!! And after that iīll relax in the sauna ^^

On saturday the grand mother of my friend has her birthday and weīre invited to the chinese. Itīs so yummy *big smile*.

@Angel Zakuro: Today i watched the first episode of Death Note. Pretty good anime ^^. And thanks for the explanation what a plushie is

@ElvesAteMyRamen: Äh yes...sometime your grading system is very confusing, also to us. Mainly you get a good grade in the end ^^

CU all soon again


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Thursday, November 8, 2007

   Hello again!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you still know me ^^

Finally i made my exams. Iīm so glad about it. And it was pretty good too. I had an average of 1,6. And i was the best one in last year of school (1,41). That was awesome because the best of the last year (me ^^) gets an bonus over 75 €. A really big bonus when you consider that i paid for the whole education over 10.000 €. But i couldnīt care less...I know, i shouldnīt praise myself but iīm proud of me ^^

Now iīm in an advanced training in lymphdrainage. It takes a month again. Every day i have to be in school again from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. And itīs really boring...And we have to practise our learnd things for 2 hours at the evening again...Not much time to be online or other things i want to do...

Hope you didnīt eleminate me from your friendlist. I resolve to write to everyone again on saturday. I think i have to read a lot of posts ^^

CU on saturday.

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Friday, October 5, 2007


In two weeks my exams are over. I canīt believe it. Today i had a pracital test in respiratory therapy (I donīt know the right english word for it). Yesterday i had electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. Only e.t. was not so good. The rest was, i know i shouldnīt praise myself, very good, special today. 4 practical test are left next week and in two weeks i have 3 verbally test. Than itīs finally over. I canīt await it ^^

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

   Exam started...

On Wednesday i had my first two tests and the next day another two. The first day was pretty good. But thursday... One was ok, but the last one was, you canīt say difficult,...silly... And 90% of my class had the same opinion. But i hope past it anyway...

On monday is my next test. Wish me luck.

In a few weeks iīm free again and i will have more time again to visit you all.

CU soon again

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