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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, I was right. My bus pass picture did turn out horrible =(
I was the last person of the day and i just made it in time before they closed and the guy like stretched out my face! I look 400lb. in the pic tabernak!
Aww well, me and my friend had a good laugh.

Woke up last night, turned around and saw my gerbil cage on the edge of my bureau ready to fall to the floor and smash to bits. I panicked and ran to it and found my cat in the back slowly pushing it! Smart kitty =^.^=

Gonna go rent that happy madison movie tonight with my dad. I love that movie and seeing as its in the "old movies" catagory, its very cheap to rent.

Oh yeah and i got my school books today and found out i accidentally signed up for spanish! and to top it all of the book is 534 pages!!!! Thats "moocho" too much!!

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merry and pippin.

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Good =]

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