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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hurry up and send in your captions the contest finnishes tommorow night!...just babysitting for my moms friend...be back soon to look at them.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   New Contest
Ok i have a new contest for all thopse who are interested. Whoever can make the funniest LOTR caption will get a banner made for their site...or if not that you can just tell me. So start sending them in. Email them too me at kassandra_wuvs_turtles@hotmail.com...oh no...i just told you sll my real name...oh well now you know...see yas.
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Monday, July 11, 2005

Hey yall...bored bored bored...well hi...sry for the short post...i promise ill have a longer one tommorow. ^_^
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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gotta luv it when i put funny picz on my site...no guess wut>///ill put more...woopi!

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hope you liked them!

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Friday, July 8, 2005

i DID NOT write this...i just read it and liked it...so i hope you all like it too!

well here it is then...oh no i lost it...lemme go find it again...stupid computer. There we go...youve probably already read this but if you havent youll like it...ill also add a frodo one for talimsoul.

"I'm bored," announced Pippin loudly. "Hollin is too quiet and too dull and there's nothing to see."

The other hobbits groaned, while bringing up the rear with Gandalf, Aragorn remarked, "Well, at least we had a few hours of peace today. I didn't expect him to last this long." Gandalf merely sighed, having been acquainted with hobbits long enough to know that they would all be suffering shortly if Peregrin was not soon diverted. Fortunately, his cousins were also well aware of that fact.

"I prefer the quiet of Hollin to your moaning, Pip," said Merry unsympathetically, adjusting the straps of his pack which were beginning to chafe his shoulders. He was hungry, tired, and the fact that he secretly agreed with his cousin did not improve his temper.

"Please, Pippin," Frodo pleaded wearily, "complaining about it won't help. You'll have to think of something to pass the time. A game, maybe. Like… like…" He trailed off with a shrug and a shake of his head, too tired to come up with anything.

"What about a naming-game, Mr. Pippin," suggested Sam. "You're right good at that."

Pippin grinned. "Remind me to commend your Gaffer for naming you Samwise!" Sam blushed as several of the others chuckled despite themselves. "Perfect, a naming-game. Hmmm…" Pippin fell silent as he thought, oblivious to (or ignoring) the sighs of relief from the rest of the Fellowship.

A good ten minutes passed in complete silence, and Sam received several pats on the back for having come up with the idea that effectively quieted Pippin as the Company began to hope that he had forgotten about the game. Until, that is…

"Merry the Mumbling Mole!" volunteered Pippin suddenly.

"Oh, dear…" muttered Sam resignedly as the rest of the Fellowship suppressed groans of dismay.

"Merry the Mole, Peregrin?" questioned Frodo, raising an eyebrow.

"Hoy, I'm not sure I much care for that, nor for Mumbling!" protested Merry indignantly. "You thought for ten minutes and that was the best you could do?"

"Well, I'm sorry, cousin," retorted Pippin in a tone that showed him to be anything but repentant, "but unless you wanted to be called Merry the Mumbling Marigold, I couldn't come up with anything else that began with 'M.'"

Merry snorted. "Huh, I shudder to think what you'll come up with for everyone else's names," he scoffed. "I'll bet you my last apple that I can come up with better names than you."

Being a Took, Pippin could not resist a challenge. "Agreed!" he said. "But I must say, Merry, if I liked apples as much as you do, I shouldn't be so eager to give 'em away."

Merry scowled at him, thought for a minute or two, and then announced proudly: "Strider the Sword-wielding Squirrel!"

This aroused much discreet coughing and muffled chuckles from the Big People of the Fellowship, an indignant raise of the eyebrows from Aragorn, and involuntary giggles from the hobbits.

"Squirrel!" said Aragorn in dismay.

"You should have added 'scruffy,'" Pippin could not resist pointing out.

"And I'm not sure 'sword-wielding,' is a proper word," Frodo added, mouth twitching as he suppressed a smile.

"Let's hear a better name, then," said Merry defiantly, folding his arms.

"Very well, Merry the Mumbling Mole," retorted Aragorn promptly. "I give you Boromir the Brooding Badger."

Merry and Pippin tried not to laugh but failed entirely and Sam coughed into his sleeve.

"…Badger?" The other Man looked shocked for a moment but quickly retaliated. "Legolas the Leaping Lizard."

Now Sam and Frodo joined the younger hobbits in laughing helplessly, and Gimli gave an appreciative guffaw.

Legolas seemed unmoved. "Gimli the Grumbling Groundhog," he said coolly.

The hobbits were not the only ones laughing now, and there was even a bit of applause.

"Gandalf the Growling Grasshopper," Gimli shot back quickly.

The hobbits looked at the wizard expectantly.

Gandalf was silent for a long moment, face unreadable. Then: "Frodo the Fearless Falcon."

Frodo snorted at that but the other hobbits cheered. Frodo thought a moment, then replied with, "Samwise the Stouthearted Sparrow!"

This was received heartily, although Sam was blushing furiously as he laughed. "Your turn, Sam!" said Frodo smiling.

"Who do we have left?" asked Merry. "I think we've named everyone."

"Not quite everyone," corrected Aragorn, grinning. "There is still the matter of the one who started this game…"

All eyes turned to Pippin. He gulped nervously as mischievous grins formed on the faces of his companions.

"Sam shouldn't have all the fun with this one!" said Merry. "I want a go."

"As our most esteemed cousin was the instigator of this game," said Frodo, and Pippin swallowed again upon seeing the telltale gleam in his eyes, "perhaps we should all be allowed a turn at naming him."

This was met with hearty agreement, and Frodo added, "But let Sam go first—he's not had a turn yet."

Merry clapped Sam on the shoulder. "Go on, Sam!"

It was difficult to tell who looked more nervous, Sam or Pippin. After a moment of thought, Sam finally volunteered, "Mr. Pippin the… the Playful P-Peacock."

There was approving laughter and Sam was able to relax. Pippin's sigh of relief was audible, but it was cut short as Merry spoke up.

"Lawks, Sam, you're too kind to him," he said, grinning. "Let me go next." He paused for a long moment, then took a deep breath. "Peregrin the Pathetic…"

"Pitiful," supplied Aragorn.

"Pert," added Boromir.

"Pigheaded," chimed in Frodo.

"Plucky," proposed Gimli, eyes twinkling.

"Plotting," said Legolas.

"…Pipsqueak!" finished Merry.

For a few minutes the resulting laughter and applause was too great for Pippin's protests to be heard, but when the din had subsided to occasional chuckles, he piped up indignantly.

"Oi, that's unfair, you all ganging up on me," he complained. "I should get to name you all now, by myself."

"You know it's all in fun, Pip," said Frodo, draping an arm over his disgruntled cousin's shoulders. "And you did deserve it."

Merry copied Frodo and slung an arm over Pippin's shoulders, grinning broadly as they walked at the front of the Company. "Did you ever!" he agreed. "Why, Mumbling Mole?"

Walking beside Gandalf, Boromir shook his head. "Hobbits," he said. "Are they always like this?"

Gandalf's eyes twinkled. "Worse, usually," he replied. "Especially when Tooks are involved."

They both chuckled as Pippin could be heard excitedly suggesting another naming-game. "Let's use all of Strider's names! Let's see, there's Aragorn, and Estel, and…" Aragorn protested halfheartedly, but within a few seconds Pippin was triumphantly demanding a complete list of the Ranger's various names.

Boromir smiled admiringly. "This will be an exhausting journey with that one along."

"Indeed," Gandalf agreed. "But he may prove quite useful, in the end. One should never travel without a Took…" He smiled as he heard Frodo laughing in response to one of Pippin's naming attempts. "…or a Baggins along."



Day One:

Feeling much better in House of Elrond after nice long nap. Also, Sam gave me fabulous backrub and bubble bath. Platonic, brotherly love so wonderful. Wasn't quite entirely sure why he needed to suck on my toes, but am assured it has something to do with Elf medicine.

Day Three

Have agreed to carry Ring to Mordor. In hindsight, probably a bad move.

Day Four

Aragorn and Boromir had big fight over who got to carry me up Mount Caradhras. Aragorn shoved Boromir into snowbank. Boromir bit Aragorn on the ear. Ring must be affecting them more seriously than I thought.

Day Six:

Woke up to find Aragorn playing with buttons on my shirt.

He must be after the Ring. Damn its siren call.

Ah well, Sam will kill him if he tries anything.

Day Ten:

Today Legolas began stroking my inner thigh with his bow.

Was stunned. Had no idea Legolas wanted the Ring too.

It must truly be an object of awesome power.

Day Eleven:

Gandalf showed me very strange trick he can do. Apparently pointy wizard hat not just for show.

Wonder if Ring is affecting him, or perhaps he is just v. peculiar.

Day 24 :

Finally feel rested. Is too dark in Mines of Moria for Aragorn to find me and pinch me as he has been doing lately.

Gandalf fell into shadow. Was sad to see pointy hat go.

Day 27 :

Lothlorien so pretty. Galadriel pretty too. Offered her One Ring, but she kept saying, "No, there's something else I'd rather have from you, Frodo Baggins," and trying to slide foot up inside my breeches. So, gave her my extra pair of breeches since she seemed fond of them. Maybe some kind of breeches shortage in Lothlorien.

Day 30 :

Rowed all day in boats. V. tired. Merry and Pippin offered to give me a group massage. Nice to have such v. concerned friends. Glad Ring is not affecting them. Although did not need back rubbed quite so much, nor other parts.

Pippin does remember we're cousins, right?


Day 33 :

Boromir tried to take the Ring. Am not entirely certain, but am fairly sure he also tried to have a little cuddle. Was most unnerving, as Boromir quite huge.

Day 36 :

Everyone keeps hitting on me. Cannot cope. Off to Mordor.

Sam coming too. Good thing, as will enable me to have more of those platonic, brotherly foot massages he's so good at.

Am sad to leave rest of Company though, as found myself quite fancying the idea of shagging Gimli. Chunky braids and huge helmet quite a turn-on. Ah, well, he never would have liked me anyway

hope you liked them.

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Im at my grandmas...my other grandmas, not the one im living wit. We are going to see the movie bewitched. My brother doesnt want to see it he is only going because he wants to reide the city bus. Weirdo. Anyways here is sum stuff i guess.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope you liked them...oh no! no pippin ones!...boo hoo...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

there...thas better!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Hey yall...im bored. I went to go see this thing cslled movie in the park with my friend and got eaten alive by mosquitos...
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Monday, July 4, 2005

Hey everyone...just got back from the country wit my cousins. I got a season pass to the water slides near there so thats all good! there is no computer there so i couldnt update. Got my report card in the mail today...overall is 76%...not bad...

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

hello everyone...its now exactly 12:43am here and i have nothing better to do then to start todays post...then mayyybe ill sleep...for a while...or ill just wait till noon...its not like a house full of teenagers ever sleep. Anyhoo heres some stuff i came across on the internet.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(cant do a post without pip)

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Feeling sick today...only writing this post now cuz i just spent the whole day on the couch miserable...luckily 6 hours and 4 tylenols later i feel better. Last night was weird. I layed up in bed at 2 in the moring and got up and decided i had too many thought in my head so i spent 2 hours writing them down...and i realized something....i have a tendancy for feeling bad for myself...i mean im going threw a really hard time right now. Im living at my grandmas foster home and i really wish i was back home. And i havent been seeing my dad hardly ever...but most of all i miss my cats...they are soo special and i always used to talk to them. Yet after writing all of this down i read it over and couldnt find anything positive. So ill think of one now...well i am going on vacation now with my grandma seeing as im living with her. thats something good...anyhoo gimme some words of comfort and ill see yall tmrow

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(friends are always there for u)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(zoe...my kitty)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(bootsie...gotta luv her!)

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