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Sunday, July 1, 2007



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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ok so yesterday my friend came over and we went to the mall where there air-conditionning. Anyways I found a really nice sweater for 60$...so i put it on hold and my dads gonna go get it for me today. :D
After we went to the mall me and my friend mary went to one of those buffet restaurants...omg we both ate soooooooooo much...
we died my hair blue too, well the back, loooooook.
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ahah it was fun. But now its hot. And im dyiing.

heres a video i made to get some friends on youtube. enjoy.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ok, so last night i was watching "On a clear day" with Billy Boyd, it was good. But it finnished at 4:30am anyways...i was going up to go to bed and passed a window...guess what i saw, the sun creeping over the condos. So i figured there was no point in going to bed seeing as i cant fall asleep if it isnt dark. So Ive been up all night...

Here are some funny videos i came across...

this ones the best:

well ill be back tommorow, ive got a friend coming over taday! ^__________^

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   oh boy..
Its been so long since ive last posted anything here. REALLY LONG. Almost a year. hehe. Well i know ive said this before but from now on ill be on alot more ;););)

if any of you have myspace add me my email is kassandra_wuvs_turtles@hotmail.com or if you have youtube ive been making videos...my username is BILLYSGIRLKASSIE11

p.s i hope you all havent forgotten about me yet :(

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

well. as some of you have noticed. im not a daily post-er. its hard to find a computer sometimes. But to make up for all of those other days i didnt post, im sorry. Well where to start....I bought LOST season two on dvd today. goodbye money.

well. im sitting here eating a chocolate bar and drinking a pepsi. oh how healthy, I SWEAR IM GOING TO GET DIABETES....on october 3rd i celebrated my 1year vegetarian-ism. yay me :)

well, this month was also very sad for a friend of mine. her cat was hit by a car and killed in front of her house. it was really sad. her cat was like her best friend. plus, the cat was pregnant. so all of the kittems died too...RIP/

oh ya, heres another pic of me. im bored. so theres more pics along with it.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

ok, so as promised here are some pictures, so what do you think? do i look older that 14 or younger like my cousins say. meh. i dont have to many pictures because im not at home right now but i just took some from my myspace. do any of you have myspace? well. here we go...

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Well wednsday in montreal (where i live)there was as some of you might know a shooting at one of our biggest colleges. One girl died, three are very close to death, 6 are in bad condition and there were 10 others who were just released yesterday. Its kinda scary. saw talimcouls pics. wow. she does look about 13 or 14. but hey, i say long live childhood. nobody wants to grow up. I think i look older even though i just turned 14. LOL. maybe ill post some of my pics. theyre not taken profesionaly like hers. but oh well.


ill post them next time.

but hey, do you really wanna see me?
dont worry.
im not 500lb.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, I was right. My bus pass picture did turn out horrible =(
I was the last person of the day and i just made it in time before they closed and the guy like stretched out my face! I look 400lb. in the pic tabernak!
Aww well, me and my friend had a good laugh.

Woke up last night, turned around and saw my gerbil cage on the edge of my bureau ready to fall to the floor and smash to bits. I panicked and ran to it and found my cat in the back slowly pushing it! Smart kitty =^.^=

Gonna go rent that happy madison movie tonight with my dad. I love that movie and seeing as its in the "old movies" catagory, its very cheap to rent.

Oh yeah and i got my school books today and found out i accidentally signed up for spanish! and to top it all of the book is 534 pages!!!! Thats "moocho" too much!!

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merry and pippin.

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Good =]

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Well today im going to take my bus pass picture. It always turns out bad. Aw well. I went to go get my gerbils yesterday from my moms to bring them to my dads. The cat went crazy. Their like Walking dumplings to her.Good ol' merry and pippin.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006


New Layout!

meh, it kinda reminds me of halloween though, ill change it when i install photoshop....but for now, bear with me!

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