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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hey guys! Merry Christmas!
how are your holidays going?
well im gonna draw a holiday picture w/ some of my friends from here in it ^_^ (dont feel bad if your not in it, its gonna be ppl i talk to the most. but if you dont talk to me alot and you wanna be in it just pm me and ill be glad to add ya ^^
so what are you doing/did do for christmas?
do you believe in Santa Claus?
how many ppl here have birthdays on Christmas?

love you guys

oh and dont forget to wish Jesus a happy birthday!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

hi guys^^
last friday was my 13th b-day (the 21st)
i invited 6 or 7 friends over & it was fun, but really loud!
i have some sad news. someone in my family, (idk how he's realated to me) he's mentally challenged, the other day he got violent & began hitting ppl & stuff. his mom had to call the police cuz she couldn't control him, & he hit the police officer. they took him to the hospital & found that he has bleeding in the brain. we don't know if he is gonna make it T~T
well i hope u have a good day

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Monday, September 17, 2007

weekends over -o-
well da party was fun thanks those of u who commented ^_^
for da ppl who were wondering we went to see da movie mr. woodcock.
well at da party there was two boys & we painted their nails sparkly pink! then we held them down & put makeup on them!
it was funny cuz da girls were BBQing while da boys got manicures.
well anywho today we went to hang out at da store & we even had a sword fight with da toy swords!
well have a great night!
luv u guys!
p.s. happy b-day again kimmi (ha i called u kimmi again!!)

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Friday, September 14, 2007

yay weekend!
hi everyone!
well today was my friend KiKi777352's birthday! tomorrow is her party and we are gonna go see a movie.
track was fun today, we had a bbq.
well im listening to skillet (i LOVE them)
did you guys have a good day?
1. whats your worst fear?
2. who is your best friend ever?
3. favorite animal?
4. favorite colour?
happy birthday kiki!!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 was a sad day...many fire fighters, police officers, and countless others died. but many were saved too.
i dont know why some people say forget 9/11 and move on. those brave men and women deserve to be remembered as heros.
as well as the 30 passengers who stopped the hi-jacked plane from crashing in D.C.
so today im gonna pray and thank all those heros who died and pray for their familys too. i hope you do the same.
have a good day^^

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

i have been tagged by BASH!
*post these rules
*each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
*at the end of da post 8 more ppl are tagged and named
*leave them a PM that they are tagged

*i have a stuffed polar bear named bear
*when i was 1 my finger got slammed in a door and da tip almost fell off
*in grade school i used to pretend i was a wolf
*i met my friend morgan in 3rd grade in da nurses office
*im easily entertained
*im an orange belt in karate
*ill be 13 this month
*my middle name is marie

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Monday, August 20, 2007

im back!!!!

hi guys im back from oregon!! i was at a family reunion thing and it was awesome!! i got to see my 2 year old cousin lilly and she is sooooo funny!! we taught her the pull my finger thing!! XD she goes up to random ppl and says "pull my finger" !!! XD she was adorable!!
i also got to see my baby cousin flynn who can barley talk so most of the time i cant understand him. he cant pronounce my name so he calls me emmi. he'll be mumbling stuff i cant understand and then all of the sudden look up and say "right emmi?" he is also adorable!!
and my cousin chris who is in colledge is my fellow ninja.
we built an extreme slip and slide that was a slip and slide going off a ramp and into a plastic kiddi pool. we covere it in soap and canola oil to make it slippery XD then we went down in on little floaties!! it was so awesome!!
well it was fun but im glad to be home. but i am going back to oregon in like one and a half days to go to camp. so yeah
bye byes :D

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

hi everyone :D
im sorry i havent been able to reply to any PMs that much or comment on sites. ive been really busy!
im especially sorry to Ekedo, i have your art trade pic done Eke but i wont be able to show you for a while cos im goin on vacation.
ill be gone for about 13 days.
i have to sit in a car for six hours tomorrow.
well ill miss you guys! *hugs*
love always,

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

hi guys! i home after 4 days of sitting under the boiling hots sun! it was a great concert!
i got a shirt there that says, free hugs (available here)! i hugged so many ppl! i even hugged a guy in a cow suit! XD & this other guy ran up as fast as he could, picked me up & spun me in a circle, & put me down! it was funny!
ok im gonna answer some questions from the comments:
1. mmk is pretty much just saying ok.
2. the concert that i went to that was 4 days long its called Creation. they have it every year.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

hey guys
how are you all?
i have a headache >_<
im reading the last harry potter book^^
if you have read it dont spoil it for me or i will murder you XP mmk?

anywho, im going to a concert tomorrow. its 4 days long so i wont be on for a while.
so bye for 4 days!
ill miss you all!

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