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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   Holy crap, you guys.
Current Mood: Sleepy
Current Song: umbrella by Dir en grey

It's felt so long since I HONESTLY posted on here. I'm so sorry for being gone for so long, but things needed to calm down at my house. They haven't really, pretty much just got worse, but at least my dad isn't reading my blogs anymore, eh?

Hmmmm.... let's see what's happened since my absence. I kind fell out of love with DIRU for a while, but I'M BACK WITH A FUCKING VENGEANCE!!! >D Haha. I read the entire series of Death Note (BEST ANIME/MANGA EVER... at least in my opinion) and is now one of my side obsessions, developed another side obsession with Chuck Palahniuk's novels and the movie Fight Club, broke up with Elijah (things just weren't working out and he was doing stupid shit), my parents are starting to consider divorce for real, my dad is going back to work at a place he hated but is apparently better than where he currently works and may be staying in the city the office in during the week, I became really good friends with my friends Sidney and Kati, and have started dating Sidney and Kati (according to last Saturday). I'm a lot happier than I was whenever I stopped posting, but that may be because of all the things I have to distract me and I still have that new-relationship-feeling... but this time it's different. I've never felt this cared for. Sometimes whenever I think about it, I cry out of happiness (awww... how cliche).

Light and Ryuk from Death Note. Yeah. It's pretty awesome.

Edward Norton in Fight Club, my favorite movie (or, at least right now).

And, of course, my one true love... Dir en grey. ???

I'm so sorry that I've been gone for so long and missed out on so much stuff. Please leave a comment or PM me about the major stuff that's happened in your life. I feel terrible that I basically cut myself off from all you guys. Believe it or not, but I still love you all. I must take a shower... aishiteru yo~! ?

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