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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Such a busy, busy day...

Well, today was one of those that you don't want to have never more. In my "work", everything was a mess, and, who had to set everything in order? Me sure... But this was nothing compered to what happend... My friend's dad died today, and me, as a monitor, had to call everybody from my class to tell them it, and that we wouldn't have classes, and where it was going to be the funeral.
When I got out the university, I went to the cemetery. I don't like it, more: I hate it, just brings me back sad memories. But I went there for my friend, and she was so sad, that I couldn't keep my tears.
When I arrived home I was uneasy, I don't know how I feel. But don't worry about me. I'm ok. I'm just impressed, shocked, don't know... These kind of things can happen so fast and it never warns you before. I'm just gonna pray for my friend and hope she will be well soon. I wish I could help her more, but now I think it's too soon. But she has lots of friends, and she knows she can count on us.
Well, sorry for this sad post, but there is nothing more in my mind but this. Kisses and don't forget to say "I LOVE YOU" to your beloved ones. Bye!
Here, a picture of Angel Sanctuary, an anime that speaks a lot of death and loss, I'm a little dark today *sorry again*. But I'm fine.

They are Rociel, Kira and Katou. Such beautiful art, Kaoru is a great Mangaka.

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   I'm fine!!

Hi!!! Sorry for worrying everybody, I'm not felling depressed anymore! Thanks everybody for cheering me up!!
Now, the news... Today I had a test (I mean 26/04 - it's 01:03 already...), and it was a very strange one. I can't say if it was good or not, but it is relative... Ok... not more of that unknown thing!!!
Well, today I'm going to post a picture of one of my favourites mangakas --> Watase Sensei!! I hope you like it. I've already read all of the manga, and now I'm watching the anime. It's really good!!!!Ayashi no ceres!!! Animefiregoddess, hope you enjoy it!

But it's a suggestive anime... For the little ones... Better not to see yet!

You're like Aya Mikage!

You're an ordinary person living a normal life, but things can change so quickly. You're life has turned upside down! You're battling against a part of yourself that seems unreal.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

   Where did this depression come from?

Konnichiwa! Well, I was there, all by myself, thinking of what someone (-_-") said to me. It's ok for me being older than the most of the people that are my friends here, I just love being in contact with you all, and I want it always to happen.
I know that here I can say everything I think and not be critized for it. I don't know if I already told you, but I don't live with my parents, only with my old sister and a friend of college. My mom lives very far from here, it stays 5 hours from here, so I can barely visit her. Next weekend will make a month since I last saw her (or it is this weekend?). Now I'm going to see her only on May 7, Mother's Day. And my father has to work in another city, because in the place my mom lives there is no work for him, because it's a very small town.
What I want telling you about this, is that I know how you fell when you say that are felling alone or sad, because I use to fell this way sometimes. But then I think how my mother must fell, and I think that she and my father are the ones who really fell most alone. Not seeing each other during the week, and not seeing me and my siter for a month or, sometimes, months.
Sorry for this sad post, I'm not felling very well today. Ending this, I wanna thank you all again, for being such good friends! *kisses kisses!!*
And, like I've promised to shizuka, a picture of Shaman King. Shizuka, that's for you!!!

Nya... Such a nice picture... Anna looks like a nice girl in this one... (ok, she is nice, but she can be very bad too, don't you think?)

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

   What do you think of my new avatar?

Hello everybody! One more time, thanks for the comments, I loved them, and I'm gonna answer them all! (Like I always do) ^^
Well, saturdays are always a busy and tiring day for me. I have to go to another city, because I'm doing a special course, to be an oficial tourist guide (because my college don't graduate us for that). I have to arrive at 5:30 AM, and stay there until 3 PM... And this week is going to be the worst, because I have the City Tour Project, 3 tests, and lots of texts to read! But I will take a time to come here and say a hello to you all! (If I don't die along the way!)
By the way, and talking about animes, I have a crush in this anime down here (in the picture). I've never seen it, but I just think it's soooo Kawaii!!! I know that's a child's anime, but it don't change the fact that it's cute. Did anyone already see it? It's called Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar *sweet*. I've made one wallpaper of this anime, but it seemed that nobody liked it.
Well, that's all for today!! Tks againg everybody *hugs hugs*. Bye bye...

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Friday, April 23, 2004

   always in a hurry

Hi! As you can see I'm not having time to post interesting things or to do nice wallpapers or whatever... This is so bad, because I don't wanna lose the company of you guys... I'm always passing by and saying a hello. Tks a lot to my friends chie and Vyers that always post things to me! *Kisses and hugs!!!* And for chie, a special picture of Azumanga Daioh!

She is sure cute, ne?

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Thursday, April 22, 2004


Hi hi everybody! Have you seen the wallpapers? Inu Yasha's wallpapers always are more popular than anyone else. I'm not gonna talk much because I just arrived from college and I'm SOOOOO tired that I can't even speak (only my hands have power enough to write). Kisses and sweet dreams...

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

   Today is a holiday!

Hello everybody! Today, besides it's a holiday in my country I had (and still have) lots of things to study! I also had direction class, to get my license to drive. I'm doing well, but I just can't park!!! That's my bigger difficulty.
Change this subject, two more wallpapers of mine are on, but now that I've seen the Full Moon's I didn't like it... It looked very confused and mixed up... Although I liked the Inu Yasha's one, with Kagome (manga version). What did you guys think of them?
To end, a picture of another of my favourites animes!!! Kissus! Bye bye!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

   afternoon free

My, I have friends up there!!! Today I had to spend the day in College, but my friend called me and said that she would stay in my place... Isn't she lovely?!?! Now I have to read lots of texts about administration, transports and History (my favoured). Well well, I can't argue about that, next week it's going to be the hardest, because I'll have many tests and the City Tour Project (the one I'm working on) is going out (and I'll be one of the guides). Wish me Good Luck!
Nya! And, one more thing happend. Last time I sent Greetings, one was censured!!! I was felling so bad about that!!! It was one of Ayashi no Ceres, Aya and Tooya embraced, but in the picture there was nothing appearing!! Ok, I will get lighter from now on. Today I sent 3 more Wallpapers, with nothing to be censured!! It must be on within 2 days...
Now, other link to other picture of a very cute and funny manga (that's extremity kawaii, just an advise fore the ones that don't like it)---> http://patita.chan.vila.bol.com.br/ultramaniac.jpg

And a quizz, I just love Flame of Recca, I have all the volumes of the manga, but I've never seem the anime, I've heard that's not so good. But anyway, the answer fitted me very well, I just love Mikagami kun!!! See y!

theOtaku.com: What Flame of Recca Character Are You?

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

   nya... rest...

Hiiiii!!!! Nyaaaaaa!!!! I'm completely repaired!! I slept last night like I haven't done for such a long time!!! More than 8 hours... I'm so happy about this... So I can resist to this week, it's going to be a hard one.
As you know, now I'm doing monitory at University, and this is occupying all of my time, that's why I'm not posting things here so often, like I used to. This month college is promoting some events, and I'm one of the persons who have to take care of them. This wears me down (a bit), but I can't say I'm not likeing it.
To tell the truth I'm loving it!!! I'm learning so many things and doing friends I've never thought I could. And I'm sure you all understand my absences, they aren't so big, and I'm always gonna take some time to do some greetings and wallpapers, and to say hello to my friends!! Tks for the support!!
So, here I go again! The quizzes, I can't stoop doing them, and a link (don't worry, it's from my site) to a pretty picture of Full Moon wo Sagashite... (I couldn't put the picture here... I don't know why)
"http://patita.chan.vila.bol.com.br/fullmoon.jpg" ---> Then tell me, have you already seen this anime or manga? It's soooooo great!!! Try to see it if you can!

theOtaku.com: What Anime Rose Are You?

theOtaku.com: What Anime Legend Are You?

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Friday, April 16, 2004

   so busy

Hi people, this one is gonna be super hiper fast. I just wanna say that I'm not showing up these days because I'm not stopping at home at all, and I don't have any time. But I'm gonna take the sunday to say hello to everybody and to post new things too. Kissus, tks! Patita

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