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Saturday, October 21, 2006


The rain falls methodically and melodically
Upon the soft earth
The overcast sky looms on ahead
The water quenches the thirst of the parched land.

The droplets fall softly, upon the flower’s stem
The bud opens wide in gratitude,
The soft blades of grass absorb the water within,
Their pale verdant stems turn to emerald,
In the meadows soft bloom.

The streams flow swiftly, welcoming the in-coming guests
The Earth is revived after a long, hard drought.

Slowly, the droplets begin to cease
And the darkened clouds move away
A bright, colorful rainbow emerges,
The blue sky above revealed.

Such, is the process of precipitation,
Where water falls like the glimmering star in the nighttime
The giving of life…
Even after the gift blows away in the wind
A blessing then bestows itself.

Sometimes I wish I were the rain
So I could fall from the sky
Connecting with another soul
Sinking deep into the depths of their hearts…
But even when the rain’s weight is too heavy to bear,
I believe that someday…someday,
We shall soar through the upcoming fortitudes
Into the sapphire sky
Looking down among the many rejoicing hearts
Watching life unfold in the waters gentle wavering reflection.
Have you ever noticed how each season has it's own beauty? The spring is a breath of fresh air, when the buds bloom, and the skies are once again blue. The summer is warmth, and play. It represents warm times, with everlasting goodness. We can celebrate the warm breeze tickling our hair, or the sun caressing us with it's warmth.

Then fall comes, and the leaves turn from verdant to crimson, and they fall gracefully upon the ground. The world is an endless void of colour.

Then winter comes, bringing with it months of coldness and endurance. But perhaps, winter is also pure. Maybe it teaches us...love. When it's cold, we go to each other in warmth. Families huddle together by the fireplace. It is a time, the wonderful time of Christmas, Valentines...in the coldness, and dampness, we find the importance of knowing one another. Then, when winter melts to spring, we look to the blooming sky with hope, knowing that winters gone, so we enjoy each day before it comes yet again.

Just some of my thoughts, I'm sorry if they don't make sense.

Random quote: "Everyone has a dream, a vision of being in a better place of doing something better with thier lives. Some have given up on thier dreams, because of the barriers in the way, or someone tells them they cannot do it. We help people overcome these obstacles. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if you put your mind to it. Never give up on your dreams."-Rick Handerson.

Have a good day/night everyone!

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