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Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Okay now about the pic ^^ I loct my turtle -_-' no i dont mean he has died, i mean..i LOST him...he ran away! tee hee, i cant find him any where and he has been gone almost a week now >_<' You wont even be able to imagin the places i've had to check..YUK!

Could you imagin how Kaolla from love hina would act if she lost her Tama-turtle? YIKES! I wouldnt want to be in the same house as her if she lost her turtle, so i guess im taking my 'run away turtle' problem pretty well. ^ ^

Well im thinking about changing my layout to a more Fox-like layout, What do you think?

Well thank for all the comments you guys! Ill get to ya sites later! ^ ^

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