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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Who's Kawaii?

Is it me, or is he more Kawaii than the panda?

I'm back from camping!! *yawns* and i am so tired -_-' Happy Fathersday! eep.. sry im a little late on that, huh? Well i rembered Bug spray! thanks to everyone who gave me some advice on what to bring camping. It was fun, i cought a fish..and tried to catch a frog, but they are way to fast -_-#

Right now this is about how long my hair is @__@ Yeah, too long! Well not for long. This weekend im getting it cut, pretty short. and im really worried!! *shakes* But i guess it will grow back if it is bad, right? Well i will post a pic of mi before and after picture when i get it cut.

Question: Have you ever had a realy bad hair cut? if so, what was so bad about it?

Hope ya come back soon, thanks everyone for your advice!!

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