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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Heven, Hell, and Love

R.I.P. Willy
"Great dogs arent forgotten"

So sorry i havent been on these days. They have been very "stressful" and "depressing" or so my mother says. Our family dog, my favorite doggy, had to be put to sleep 6/9/05 of liver problems. I was sleeping and mom said "Yoshi im going to the vet for Willy"
"okay" and i fell back asleep. Then i woke up and mom said we had to let him go....

I could have cried for ever, i couldn't even sleep. Even watching my sad, depressed mother was hard. Our father had been laied off, which makes things worse. I just hope that everyone who is reading this, CaReS~*

I hope to get to your sites today.
please have a good day!

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