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Monday, January 7, 2008

Stuck To My Katamari: Responsibilities

Current Mood: Surprisingly Calm

Ah, I finally have some time to do a proper update on my blog. So, the new year is off to not a running start, but a sprinting one for me. It's a bit of a snowball effect from the end of last year. After the news of John's grandmother passing away right before Christmas, I noticed a tumor growing in my dog Brynner's mouth. All the signs point to very bad things. So needless to say he promptly went into the vet. But since it was the Saturday before Christmas we couldn't schedule surgery until after the holiday.

The day of his surgery came and while I was in the office visiting I was asked to do some bookkeeping for the clinic since they were short handed in the office. The major difficulty they were having was that they needed someone who was familiar with veterinary terminology and bookkeeping, which is very difficult to find in this town. So I've gone back to work at the clinic. The best part of all of this is that I can go back to the job I loved and I get to set my own hours! It does make me a little sad since I am not doing my old job, which is physically impossible for me to do with my poor health, but I do get to pick up some odds and ends of tech work. ^_^

While back at work on my birthday we ended up getting Brynner's results back from the lab, it's osteosarcoma. That means he has bone cancer. I spied the test results before my boss could tell me the bad news. I guess this is the peril of knowing medical terminology. I know he didn't want to give me bad news on my birthday so I didn't push him about the test results. The next day we made plans for another surgical procedure on Wednesday to hopefully extend his life another couple of years.

Unfortunately for me John left for an important business trip to South Carolina at 2am this morning and will be gone for the entire week. On top of that I have to have to go to the doctor since my RA has pretty much been out of control all winter. And, of course, since John is gone, it snows like crazy! So outside I go to shove the walkway, which flares my RA. Meh! In between shoveling snow and taking care of medicating Brynner and medicating myself, I also managed to get some transcription done for an anime company. Busy, busy, BUSY!

So that brings me to this very moment. I am quite surprised that I am holding things together so well. I did have a bit of a poor me/pity party moment today when I tried to open a drink bottle and couldn't get the top off since the safety ring was stronger than my hands could handle. It just left me doing that pathetic laughing-so-I-don't-cry chuckle. *sigh* It's very humbling when you can't open your own beverage.

Boy, 2008 has already been a wild ride. Let's hope things begin calming down as the year progresses. lol

Royal Responses

Everyone: Thank you all for all the birthday wishes. I appreciated them very much since, well, you've all ready the blog entry above. It's nice to know that there are people out there thinking happy thoughts for me. ^_^

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