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Saturday, November 10, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Anime Screeners

Current Mood: Lazy

I'm glad you guys got a kick out of my katamari costume. You won't believe this but I have not finished the antenna yet. LOL I'll get it done after the holidays. Things are beginning to pick up around here with a ton of screeners that need to be reviewed (the latest batch is on the front page of the site right now) and my brother-in-law's upcoming wedding has us doing pre-wedding stuff. Not to mention Thanksgiving and my 12th wedding anniversary on the 25th! Busy, busy busy and I am feeling really overwhelmed. I just keep plugging away and I know things will be fine. It's all good.

Royal Responses

Mariskah *glomps* Thanks! I hope this cooler weather is treating you kindly. I know for me standing in front of the open front door all night handing out candy was a bit taxing. I think I am still trying to get over Halloween! I completely ran out of candy and had to turn some kids away. Bummer.

enin: I think Ichigo is pretty darn cute too. Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate everyones support with my bizarre otaku hobby.

Yensid: Thanks, Ichigo is from the game Katamari Damacy and you are not too old or too fat to cosplay!!! As for the weather up here in Washington. It is getting really cold. It's making my RA flare up. It's the only thing I hate about the cold weather. :P

KT: Thanks, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Next cousin on the list is Daisy. She's so cute! And cowprint... adorable! lol

Solo: Thanks! I would love to see you in a TTC costume! I really want to make that hat with antlers too. It's just too tempting... I better not think about it too much or I'll start another project before getting that antenna on my Ichigo costume!

SomeGuy: I have plans for a Katamari bag to go with it. I love props that can do double duty. I will definitely be rolling you up in my katamari at SC! ~_^

Mimmi: LOL There is no way I could have a web show. You see how long it takes me to update my blog! It would be so long between installments people would forget about it! *glomps back*

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