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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

   Stuck To My Katamari: Warm Blankets

Current Mood: Tired

Thank you all for the well wishes for my mom. She is doing so much better now and she is out of the hospital. *hugs everyone* Now that I don't have to spend my days driving back and forth across the state and have the weight of all that stress lifted of me made me realize just how worn out I am. Since things are getting back to normal I can put my focus back on taking care of things around the site. ^_^

With that said I need to get back to work. Hope everyone is happy and healthy and I'll be seeing all of you around the site.

Royal Responses

Everyone: I am truly blessed to have such great friends. All your well wishes were greatly appreciated. I was nice to come home after spending the day in the ICU to find your caring messages to not only me, but my entire family. Thank you all from the my entire family for your prayers and get well wishes. This is just more proof that theO has the best online community anywhere. I love you all. *hugs*

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