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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Black Dahlia
So ya after I saw the movie I was intrested in it cause I'm morbid like that...And it didn't take me long to find a site about this guy who's father worked on the case and who had actually met the chick...and he was saying in 1982 they found a guy they were almost sure was the killer and they were spose to go to his place and talk to him about it, but he died before they did he died in a fire..So they most likely did find the killer, but since he died before they knew 100% that he was its still an open case..Also it started to get me thinking what if someone copied that murder this day in age? How long would it take the police to find out who it was? Cause you know they could...And that person would probably be just as famous as the real murder... If you want me to post a picture up on here tell me so..they werent 2 bad but it takes a lot 2 gross me out
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