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Monday, April 17, 2006

My day...

Hello everybody! Wat' up?! Today I wne to the video game store to see what happend to my ps2 da guy said nottin' iz wrong wit it. So, then I ask him that why isn't da game working? He check da memory card and said there was no data from da game Silent Hill2. I was upset 'cause I know I saved it. He told me that it probably was erased or maybe I'm just crazy O_o I know I am not. But still I'm thinking what could happend to my data, ya know? I've ask questions to my brother, mom and my dad. My mom and dad said that they didn't even touched it and wouldn't even dare 'cause they know that there's going to problems. I've ask my brother questions he seem nurvous and sweatin' a bit but still I was really curious. I've ask him what he did da day he was in my room sence he always be in my room everytime I'm not present. He didn't respond so then I suggest he did probably did. I ask him if he played wit' my ps2 he said dat he did and he was sorry. I was like for what? he said dat he was sorry that he erased a game. Ya know what I did? Ya should guess. a)slap b)punch or c)other

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