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Friday, February 13, 2009

I can't do a thing to stop the heartbreak!
My friend likes this boy who gets on the school bus for going to different schools to have lessons, and he comes from a different school, but I also get on the bus.
She actually asked him out, but he made up some lie. Another friend has a friend in her lesson who also takes the bus and goes to the same sckool as the boy in question.
Last week on the school bus, he absolutely sussed out her personality! He accurately addressed her as a dreamer, also saying 'what does she want? Us to fall in love? Well, she just looks like that kind of person.' Direct quote that is! He sounded so mean, but I know if I were in the same situation, those words would spurt out of my mouth.
Now, my friend who likes the boy, she's all hung oup on him. She asked him out December, and he still hasn't replied. On Wednesday, she went with the girl on the school bus and asked him if he'd like to go out with her on Saturday. PLEASE REMEMBER WHAT DAY THAT IS! WHAT IS IT? VALENTINES' DAY! Does that not perfectly help him draw the conclusion that she's a dreamer and totally hooked on him? He said he'd text her back, but from the attitude, it's not likely. I mean when the girl from the same school gave him my friends' number, it was reluctantly, and she made her seem so pathetic talking about how she looks out for him, and tries to get a look of him. He really isn't interested, but he won't let it on.
Now, don't go 'just tell your friend he's not interested!' but here's the thing, my friend never listens to my sage advice! XD She doesn't ever listen to me, and that totally means that I can't say anything, and if I do, that'll mean some bug argument! We're weird also because we can't talk to each other about boys or anything personal, and while she doesn't like to think, I'm the philosopher; she thinks I'm a psychopath because I spend so much time talking of ark stuff and being depressed. Meh- it's in my physiology!

So, what should I ulitimately do? Just shut up while she waits for him to text? I don't think it's likely though. I've got a week's holiday, so I won't be seeing her sour face, but that also means I won't hear the gossip on the bus on Mond because the school I go to is closed! NOOOOOOOOO! XD

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