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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hello is anybody there!!!!!!!!!
knock knock!
if anyone can here me i will b waitin in myotaku before sunset so plz ans! XD
so wat up guys how yall bein hope yall havin a great weekend n 2 those on spring break hope u partying hard jk i hope yall havin fun n enjoying da break
on my side i bein workin like always XD
my boss gave me a raise yeh!!!! even do i dont know how much o.O i will c this friday on my check
i have nothin this weekend i wanted 2 go shoppin but my dad decided 2 fix da washer machine sat so i stayed home n work on a paintin
n sunday guess wat! he decides 2 take me 2 da mall n everythin was closed nice huh!!!!!!!!
so went back home sad :(
hope this week is diff n i get 2 have some fun :)
well ttyl

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   IM Here!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello how yall bein lately its bein a long time since my last post.
so how r u guys liking da new otaku
i just visited for da first time 2day
i need more exploring have 2 gather my equipment. XD
anyway 2 all of u spring breakers or about 2 b hope u have blast dont party 2 much ok. XD jk
enjoy have fun!

so yall ready 4 da end of blood+ in adult swim, hope dey put something good in its place i dont want 2 c repeats even do i love blood+.
n vampire knight is bein made inot an anime how great is dat i wish i live in japan so i could c it dis spring T.T
well crossing fingers so dey will show it hear 2
well guys/girls hope u r havin a great weekend
n talk 2 yall lata

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

y cant i read da comments on my pg does anybody is havin da same problem?
anyway hope yall weekend went good n yall had a great time

on my side i went 2 c jumper it was good i wish i could do da same dat would b cool go anywhere i want yeh!!!!!!!!!!!! i also went 2 eat w/some friends
i also saw a friend i hadent c in a long time it made me happy
sunday i went 2 da mall even do i dint buy anythin d only thing i spend was on some chinese food which was delicious!!!!!!!!!!! oh n a frappucino which was also good love those things ^^
hope yall enjoy ur long weekend 2 those who had a long weekend i had 2 work on monday T.T but dats all good is over now

so how yall bein im better now yeh! da sickness is gone

da weather is crazy here yest. was such a beautiful day n 2day was freakin cold n windy
i thought i would just fly away XD n ended i dont know where

well talk 2 u guys lata
hope u had a nice day
n dat 2morrow is even better if not oh well XD
just kidin
take care

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   HAPPY V-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope yall had a great day
n have a great weekend 2 dont drink or do anythin bad nah! im kidin have fun
2 those who r havin an extra day on monday
>.< is not fair im workin dat day
i want 2 have it off 2
well have fun enjoy it
and yeh!!!!!! it my b-day 2
im gettin old im becomin a grandma XD
well talk 2 u guys lata!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

so how yall bein
hope yall day went well
i cant believe iam gettin sick it sucks
well hope none of u r sick i guess i wont be eatin ice cream XD

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

How is eueryone hope u hauin a great weekend! 5 days 2 vday n 4 my bday yeah! Well take care lata!
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Friday, February 1, 2008

so how is it goin hope u get 2 have a great weekend!
me i got out early got my check Yey!!!!!!!! not!
i will probably wasted all 2morrow XD
got myself a camera n an ipod the other day
nothin really much 2 tell is everyone gettin ready 4 valentines yall better b lookin somethin 4 my B-DAY. lol
just kindin but really is my b-day no jokin 13 days 2 go, not so happy do im gettin old T.T
well not dat old u get my point.
well hope u had a nice day 2 those who went 2 skool yall gettin a break if u dont have any projects or anythin like it :)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

so we had some snow yeh!!!!!!!!!!!
too bad it felt like rain it pour then went away
i mean cant we get at least 4in. i havent seen snow like in i dont even remember o.O

well enough of dat 2day i got off early from work yeh!!!!!!!!!!!
im so tired n sleepy i just want 2 drop dead!

but how u guys bein did yall had fun this weekend hope yall did.
r yall guys ready 2 c da grand finale of blood plus if yall havent c it yet.

well talk 2 u guys lata!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

so how is everyone!
i survive dat 12hr work
well hope it goes well 4 all of yall who have finals dis week
n dont worry u will fail w/o a doubt nah! im kidin
good luck!
well 4 me nothing new
hopefully do so something this weekend i mean, it has turn 2 habit cant help it. but now dat one of my friends is gone d one i always went out with its goin 2 b different T.T
well talk 2 u guys lata!
take care

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

hey people
how is it goin
nothing fun
have 2 work
2morrow at 630 am man im going 2 b bumping my head in da walls XD
n hopefully go c one missed call finally!
well c yall lata
have some fun

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