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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Long Absence?
So yeah, I don't post that often. I'm sorry. I should post that often but not a lot of people come and visit the site so I just do PM. Plus not a lot of things happen to me.....EXCEPT last night in one of my dreams. I used to like my best friend, Chris. But then, because he went to the high school, I haven't seen him in a while. My feelings for him kinda vanished...until I had my dream. Have you guys ever had a dream in which you hug someone and you feel their warmth. Well *In my dream* I was in yearbook class. Some of my friends were in the class that go to the high school. Then I think I see Chris, and when I realize it's him, I run up to him and we hug each other for 5 mintues while we are talking. Then I wake up and realize "Shit, I still like him" Great story ,huh. It just sucks because I don't think he will ever like me more than a friend, you know. And I just couldn't think like that, so I'm confused in every way possible.
But enough about that. How are you guys? I've been on deviantart a lot so check me out their too! lacusclyne9238.deviantart.com
I've uploaded some new art in the past week or so, so be sure to check them out *and leave comments too^^*
Well, I'll be sure to post more often. And if anyone knows how to change the color of this font so that it isn't black then let me know, k?
Ja Ne

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